MAV or Mdds

Hi I’ve been living with rocking dizziness now for 2.5 years. Chronic Imbalance and roaring tinnitus. In the early days I was confident I was going to recover but I’m now beginning to loose hope. The only time the rocking goes away is when im moving in the car. i was told this could be Mdds but also ive had the classic rotational virtigo and flashing lights in my vision. osilcopsia as well luckily that resolved after a few months. Does MAV present in this way? Can anyone tell me about there recovery?

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Welcome to the board! And sorry you are suffering.

We can’t diagnose here but there seems to be a lot of people here that share elements of your symptoms. That said, some sufferers have more MddS like symptoms than others. However, rocking is a big feature of ‘MAV’. I suspect all these conditions are on a spectrum and may share similar underlying aetiologies. I used to suffer from it for years but experience no rocking now and have largely recovered. The only thing not to recover yet is the tinnitus and dulled hearing.

Take a look at #success-stories-positivity rather than have people repeat those here.

I would experiment with the treatments and see how you go. Seems you are having some success already. Recovery takes years not months unfortunately.

Best of luck!

thankyou that is reassuring. been fighting for so long i was beginning to give up. Pretty certain this is migraine as i fit the bill for it but the better in the car thing really confused the situation. i think your right the symptoms are on a spectrum. Im now been looked after by Dr Surenthiran in London who im told is very good. so fingers crossed recovery will come sooner rather than later.

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Hang in there! I’m with you. It’s hard to stay positive at times. This supp is recommended on Migraine String for tinnitus. I’ve been in it for a week and feel it’s helping, check out the dizzy cook online for a story of hope. These two have helped me stay positive. Pass it on!

Lindberg lemon bioflavonoid, this brand is best.

Complete new one on me. Never heard of this. If you are finding it’s that good maybe it warrants a thread of its own. As well as providing mutual support on here another aim is to build a resource of information for future comers. New discoveries are akways particularly welcome. Helen

Actutuay this supp is recommended on migraine string…the dizzy baker. She’s in the UK.

Ginko is in Dr Hain’s flowchart for tinnitus too.