Hi All,

Long story short, been dealing with this BS for a year now. Got sick with something in Feb 2020, was out for 3 days. Felt normal after. 1week later had crazy impacted ear wax, got that removed. 3 weeks later constant dizziness, balance issues. This came along with 2 bppv episodes, which luckily were resolved. However, still deal with the dizziness, every single day!

What I am interested to know from you guys, I am now finding a trend with whatever the heck i have. If I am busy or keep my mind occupied or emersed in something, my dizziness is not as noticeable to me. If I don’t and I am lounging on the couch or sitting at that, dizziness comes on. Would this sound more like MAV or PPPD to you? I do have light sensitivity, especially in those big supermarket type stores. Never really been diagnosed but docs leaned toward MAV

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