MAV seems to have really gotten better just from magnesium

Hey guys, I’m not experiencing migraines or vestibular dizziness anymore just taking magnesium glycinate 400mg 2x a day. I’m taking the KAL brand. I haven’t been taking feverfew, B2 or CoQ10 in a couple of days and feel fine just on mag. I’d recommend it highly if you haven’t tried it already. Google “my magnesium deficiency.” Hope you’re all feeling better! xx

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My colleague banished migraines with magnesium too! Has the tinnitus quietened down too Olivia?

Yes! I never had tinnitus but a version of it - ear pressure and sometimes my hearing would go in and out like it was stuffed up. The magnesium at this dose has solved all the problems 99%. I still sometimes get stuffed ears when I’m under strong fluorescents- I think it’s aggravated nerves in my head-but it’s all gone mostly! Thank goodness :slight_smile: xx

Great. I just bought some!

Olivia, how long were you on the magnesium before your vm symptoms went away?

Pretty quickly. Hard to say for sure but I’d say it happened the same day. For me, I still find that really intense fluorescents trigger a little head pressure but overall it’s jut not there anymore. Hope that it helps you all find relief too. Honestly it’s a miracle and I’m so grateful. Hope it keeps working! xx

I made great progress with “Migravent”. It is quite expensive, but to me very well worth it.

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Started mine this morning :slight_smile:. Feel ok so far! :slight_smile:. Huge pills, barely swallow size, lol :open_mouth:

That’s great that it worked so fast. I am taking magnesium, b2, feverfew, and coq10 plus 60 mg of ami. I feel a bit better every day. Did you ever have teh sensation that you were walking on a boat?

Good luck- yes the pills are huge, turnaround, but well worth it! Just make sure you drink a bunch of water to help them go down. Throw in some feverfew standardized capsules if you need some more relief. That’s the combo that works for me if I need a bit more than the magnesium. I find eating too many overripe fruits and/or nuts, dark chocolate etc. and high tyramine foods make my head more sensitive. Oh yes, the boat sensation. I had that super bad until I started up the supplements. Glad you’re starting to feel better, JW! xx

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Thanks! I’m glad to know it gets better. I am just taking it one day at a time. Thank you for posting on the forum! Your success is very inspiring.

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Yes it is. Agreed!!

Progress report:. Taking 200mg of magnesium citrate at breakfast with milk based porridge. 2nd day: I think I feel less brain wobbles but no improvement to any other symptom. But that’s still a good thing!

I worked late yesterday to catch up on hours. My limitation was eye tiredness not any migraine symptom. All very promising!

NB Im still on 20mg Ami as ever …

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This is great to hear!! congrats to @liv85!! I am about to start Migravent, probably tonight, per my neurologist’s recommendations. That’s the butterbur, magnesium, riboflavin (vit B2), CoQ10 cocktail. I really hope it works for me and that I don’t have any adverse reactions.

I did read that people with ragweed allergies can have an allergic reaction to the butterbur. Has anyone experienced this? I’ve also read that it can help allergy symptoms. I am pretty sure I have seasonal allergies but to what specifically I don’t know. I would have asked my neurologist about it at the visit but she didn’t seem to have the entire ingredient list in her head when she was speaking to me, and I didn’t know all that was in it until I looked into ordering it.

Hey guys! Still going strong on the GNC standardized feverfew (360mg I believe per capsule) 2x a day (morning and evening) and the KAL magnesium glycinate at 400mg only in the morning now. I might ramp it up back to 800mg (2 doses) except that I was having some GI issues and I"m trying to isolate whether its the feverfew or the magnesium. Both have GI as the listed sx for some people so I don’t know what it is that’s doing it! Its not terrible just not my normal digestion…too quick! I am able to function so well on both these though even without any other sups or any medicine. I can drink a glass of white wine if I wish and be OK and also eat certain other trigger foods in moderation. The one thing that always does me in though is raspberries (I think!) and MSG (for sure). Hope that you guy are feeling better! xx

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I’ve been taking the “Migravent” which is a supplement of Butterbur, Magnesium, CoQ10, and Vitamin B2. Even on one capsule a day I am noticing I get uncomfortable stomach pain and burning about 3 to 5 hours after I take it. Will my stomach eventually get used to it? Did anyone else have stomach discomfort with these supplements? I know mild stomach upset is a possibility but it keeps me awake at night so I’d classify that as more than “mild.”

@Frank183 are you still having success with the Migravent? Did you have any initial irritations, stomach or otherwise, when you started it? Thanks!

@Jess09: Yes, I’m still doing very well on Migravent, it really helps me lot. I haven’t noticed any side effects except occasionally a very mild case of diarrhea because of the Magnesium. Well, not even diearrhea, just kinda speeding things up a bit.

I find your experience a bit strange as the Magnesium is alkaline and should be rather good for the stomach. I just checked and saw that my German supply of Migravent doesn’t contain any butterbur. Besides the Mag., Q10 and B2 it contains small doses of zinc, fol acid, etc. but no butterbur.

Do you experience any improvement with the vertigo ?

Best regards

@Frank183 Thanks so much for getting back to me! Great to hear that you are still doing great with the Migravent. I figured the Magnesium may eventually get to me, but not in the beginning. I live in the USA and this one does have the butterbur. I would like the German version better probably. I haven’t seen any improvement yet with the vertigo but I am starting it slowly per my doctor’s suggestion, especially since I’m having trouble with it.

@Jess09: I could notice a positive effect immediately. It’s not that all the problems were gone, but it stabilised me in a way that it limits the effect of the vertigo and swaying to a point that I can cope with it.

If it doesn’t seem to help you at all, then maybe it just isn’t the right thing for you, don’t ask for reasons …

However: have you ever tried to take magnesium only ? Or butterbur only ?
Migravent is fairly expensive so I had thought about just buying the ingredients myself, however I couldn’t find B2 anywhere as a single substance, it’s only available in those mixtures with B1, B6, B12, etc.

Have you had any experience with gums against travel sickness ?

Best regards

@Frank183 did you start taking 2 to 3 capsules of Migravent a day right away? Perhaps that is why you noticed immediate results? My doctor has me starting 1 capsule every other day because I have trouble tolerating just about anything. So perhaps that is why I haven’t noticed any positive effect yet. It also says it can take 2 months to build in the system to notice any difference.

No, I haven’t tried the ingredients separately. I would have liked to but my neurologist is a bit pushy. I don’t even want to ask her about my reaction because she wants me to continue trying meds and things she suggests unless it sends me to the ER. But I’ve been through a few neurologists, some say I don’t have MAV and won’t treat me, another moved out of state, so at least she’s been dedicated to helping me get better. When I went to Johns Hopkins they recommended taking CoQ10 and Magnesium, I’d be fine with that.

What are gums for travel sickness? I have ginger mints that help a bit.