MAV symptom so severe made you vomit

About 4 years ago I started to suffer intense periods of full blown migraines and vertigo. The vertigo was so bad that I spun out even with my eyes closed. If I moved slightly I would vomit. It was a horrible time.
This was on and off for 2 years. I was diagnosed with meniers at the time but it all seemed to settle down (vertigo and full migraine). I had headaches and various other migraine symptoms but generally I coped.
This respite lasted 2 years. I started getting really nasty head aches again lately and now have been dizzy for a week.
I was absolutely devastated that I really did have meniers and the future looked bleak but I am now fully convinced that this is all due to migraines etc.
My question is, has anyone else had vertigo so incredibly severe that any movement made you vomit?
I’m going back to the doctor but I just want to get some peace of mind that what I have is not meniers disease as I’m already deaf in one ear from mumps as a child.
Thank you all

Sorry to hear about your symptoms Emylee. Yes a lot of time the vertigo makes me feel really ‘seasick’ . More vertigo=more seasick. But yes, sometimes i just have to get to the bin. It goes with migraines too I guess.

Normally not in public but had a ripper of an episode taking the kids to see OTT xmas lights :frowning: . That was so suddenly a bad idea…

Have had every test and I definitely dont have Menieres. Definitely do have migraine as far as everything the neurologists look for. Still, my colleague has Menieres and she is working more hours than me - just has the occasional crash. Best thing to do is try for a good diagnosis and then at least that is a step to the future.

Apart from ginger, soda water, gum etc the best thing i find is maxalon. It doesnt fix entirely but takes the edge off. Take care…

Yes, I also had my vertigo so badly that I vomited for hours. I now carry anti-nausea meds for the times the nausea gets too bad. With the help of that as well as my 3 daily Migraine preventatives, all my symptoms (vomiting included) have yet to escalate for the last 5 years. I am probably 95% everday which really is a miricle considering I have sooooo many triggers!!!


I’ve vomited from episodes about a half dozen times. Fortunately it doesn’t happen too frequently for me, but I did go through a period last spring where I was pretty afraid it would happen in public, because it seemed to come out of nowhere. One particular episode then had me flattened on the bathroom floor, soaked in sweat, unable to lift my head to even make it to the toilet. The weird thing for me is sometimes I can be spinning so badly I can’t even see but I’m not nauseated–other times I’m not even spinning that badly but I’m tossing my cookies. Always a surprise (yippee!).