MAV - Vomiting Centre Brain Damage

Hi all,

My name is Rhys I’m 19 from London. I was just wondering whether anyone here suffers from similar symptoms to me as my consultant has said they are quite unusual.

Basically I had an ear infection a year ago which damaged the vestibular nerve, and the corrupted vestibular signals have irritated my brain stem and my ‘vomiting centre’ in particular which is responsible for the reflex of vomiting and triggering feelings of nausea.

Since then I have retched as if i am going to be sick and generally felt sick constantly.

These symptoms are worsened by migraine triggers and I have been diagnosed with a form of MAV.

I have seen some improvement recently through a strict migraine diet and I am going on Nortryptiline.

I realise my problems aren’t as bad as some of yours but I would love to hear from anyone who suffers from any similar symptoms!

Thanks for your time,


Hi rhys

Welcome to the forum

You will find loads of useful information on here

Who is your consultant if you dont mind me asking?

Have you had tests to check the damage to your vestibular?

Have you made any lifestyle changes? What dose of notryptiline are you on?


My consultant is Dr Surrenthiran. I have seen him privately at Blackheath Hospital and have been waiting for the last few months for an appointment to see him for an NHS consultation at Medway Maritime Hospital so I can be given a scan on the NHS. Fortunately this has now been sorted and I will be seeing him next week - hopefully the scan will not be too long after.

Yes my lifestyle has changed massively, I am a student and enjoyed an active social life, enjoyed drinking and playing a lot of sport. I have had to give both of these up. I have struggled with uni work also due to the stress caused from coursework and exams worsening my symptoms.

I am on 10 mg of Nortriptyline and this has been fine so far, I have been told to increase this dose by 10 mg every 3/4 weeks if necessary.

Thanks for welcoming me to the forum!