MAV vs. unilateral vestibular damage

Question about diagnosis:

Regarding unilateral vestibular damage, I have read that some people have a “sidedness” to it…like, if the right ear is affected, they feel they are falling to the right. Or something like that.

However…how often is that the case? Basically, if you have no “sidedness” to your balance symptoms, does that strongly argue for MAV, or could that still very well be unilateral vestibular damage? I think the latter (could still be unilateral damage) is true but I’m not sure.


Hi John
I was diagnosed with VN in 2010 & among other symptoms had fullness/pain/feeling of liquid in my right ear & was falling to the right. Lasted about 6-8 weeks then was OK. The ear fullness stayed with me but although noticeable wasn’t a problem, although my balance wasn’t 100%. In 2010 (almost a year later) my symptoms became steadily much worse - the right ear fullness, etc and many of what I now know to be MAV symptoms.
It took another year (Nov 2011) to get a diagnosis of MAV from Dr Granot in Sydney. Now 6 months later & ‘stabilised’ (80%) I still have right ear ‘fullness’ and, when feeling tired, walking on a slope, sandy beach or shut my eyes when standing,etc can easily fall to the right. I will be surprised if it ever ‘goes away’.
After having all the ‘ear checks’, etc showing normal I guess I have to live with it. One doc told me that my brain & ear no longer ‘talk to each other’ & the compensation to balance is through my eyes.
I can’t remember seeing a good explanation for the ear fullness maybe others here can explain!