MAV WITH migraine headache

Hi ya’ll! Is there a forum on here or somewhere else that is for those who have migraine headaches as well?

Hey there, I get migraines along with the MAV. This didn’t happen at the start, but progressively I started getting bad left eye and jaw pain and it sometimes goes to the top of my head if I eat the wrong trigger foods. I think citric acid and MSG are my worst triggers along with nitrates and foods high in tannins like red wine. Those are vasodilators and they expand the blood vessels in the head. I just started petadolex tonight (purified butterbur extract) since that’s supposed to stop the blood vessels from dilating and getting inflamed so they become a migraine. Have you tried that one before? L xx

Yeah, mine went 5 years without a migraine headache. I have tried that before! My neurologist gave me samples. I’m trying it again starting today, also.

Hi Leslie! I took the Petadolex last night and yesterday afternoon and my left eye pain is pretty much gone except for a tiny amount of left ear crackling. :slight_smile: Seems promising. Keep me posted if you think Petadolex also helps you out- I’d love to compare notes since it sounds like we have similar MAV cases. Mine hit in 2013, and yeah, started to progress to frequent migraines after starting with mostly just a very strong disequilibrium, head pressure (without pain) and pulling sensation to the left under fluorescent lights. What a nightmare, right?! Liv xx