I do get migraines a couple of times a year the usual zig zags, partial loss of vision and then the headache.
Anyway at the end of november i woke up with full on spinning vertigo which seemed to be worse if i looked up/down/left/right/laying down and getting up and a sense of off balance/swaying 24/7 during the day. Also the left side of my head felt odd like i had been hit and my left eye felt weird and a bit watery. I fet like i was squinting with bright lights and i felt a bit confused and foggy headed. The gp prescribed me vertigo tabs and referred me to an ent specialist. I went to my optician to test my eyes and he did pics of behind my eye, pressure test and peripheral field vision test and all were ok.
The swaying off balance feeling got better over 2-3 weeks and eventually the vertigo went and the left sided pressure.
2 weeks later i was laying in bed when my head swayed and my balance and everything went again and i went downstairs to the loo and the floor and walls were bouncing with every step i took. I have felt off balance since and had the constant feeling of pressure in my left and my eye feels odd all the time.
I have seen an ent specialist who thought it was bppv and he did a few neuro tests and they were fine. I dont believe it was just bppv because of this left sided feeling in my head and eye and constant swaying/off balance feeling.
My gp says i have sight nystagmus in my left eye and still a bit of vertigo. I cant understand how it can be just bppv or plain vertigo because of this left sided constant feeling. I feel like i cant see right but obviously i can because i have been to the opticians. It’s left me with anxiety worrying what it can be.
Does any of this sound familiar to mav?

Any advice or thoughts would be appreciated if it does or doesn’t sound like mav, thankyou x

When you went to the ent did they do the epley maneuver? I’ve had bppv before (it lingered for a few months) and I went to a pt who did the epley and the bppv was gone. Does the spinning only come on when you lie down? Or put your head in a certain position? When I get bppv at first I can bring on the vertigo just moving around, but after a week or two it’ll come on only when I put my head in certain positions, like lying on my left side, but I do feel off balance all the time otherwise and this is due to the mav. From what I’ve read bppv and mav are interconnected. So you could be having a bppv attack that brought on a migraine. Hope this helps.

Thanks for replying. When I first got the spinning vertigo I could bring the spinning on with certain head positions but that’s gone now and I just have constant off balance. It took 2 month to see the ent so by the time I saw him the positional spinning had gone so he wouldn’t do the epley. My heads horrendous every day now, it feels like pressure or I have been hit in the side of my face, cheek and around my eye. My vision seems to be behind when I move my head but I suppose if I have nystagmus it isn’t going to feel ok is it?

Due to the head pain, it sounds like MAV, I don’t know. From what I’ve read they are interconnected and one can cause he other. Have you tried the trigger diet? I’ve read some people on here have a lot of pain on the side of their face and it’s called something, but I can’t remember what the proper term is? It has something to do with a nerve.

Hi I have just been to see my doctor again and he has just mentioned it could be irritated nerves but I can’t remember the name of it either. He mentioned people with migraine get problems with it.