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Hi Tina,

I’m really sorry you had such a bad meeting with the neurologist! And I don’t blame you for having a list that you want to go over, I do the same thing! That is very interesting about your maxilofacial surgeon, glad he was being very helpful! I had oral surgery 2 years ago and was recently told that my TMJ might have something to do with the ear pain I feel at times. For your appointment I would say to try being as specific as possible. I don’t know if there’s anything specific I would ask other than presenting your symptoms and asking for an explanation. I know symptoms can be a bit difficult to describe but I’ve found most of the doctors I’ve seen don’t like to hear the word “dizzy” because they don’t know if you mean light headed, faint, or vertigo and since they only have what your describing to go off of for the diagnosis, being as precise as possible helps. I’ve actually written up the most important things I want to discuss and had the doctor go over it with me. That way my thoughts are more organized and I make sure I don’t miss anything. I really hope you find a good neurologist and one that listens!! It makes such a difference to find a doc that is willing to explain things and listen to you. Sorry I don’t have anything more helpful to say! Hope it goes well!