Maxillary Sinus Cyst - Arachnoid Cyst Link?

I was going to post on the MAV and your teeth subject but this is a little more specific. In all of my tests for this condition, I had an incidental finding of a maxillary sinus cyst (left side). I also have an arachnoid cyst. I have been assured that neither of these findings has anything to do with my condition and that it is “most likely” MAV. My question is has anyone else had similar “incidental” finding on a MRI? Interestingly, since my problems began last June, I have been having an issue with the last molar on my left side, which is just below the sinus cyst. I had a root canal on the tooth, twice, but still have dull pain and a pressure feeling. I am considering having the tooth pulled at this point. Just thought I would see if anyone else has similar stories and see if anyone thinks there may be a link. I think I am convinced that my MAV is independent of both cysts, although my tooth issue may be linked to the sinus cyst. Having said that, however, it sure would be nice if when they yanked the tooth my MAV symptoms went away! Wishful thinking, I know…thanks for any reactions. Ben

That is interesting to say the least. Wonder if you have the tooth pulled would it cause any problems with the cyst? Or would it help in some way. Would it be worth the effort to have it pulled and see if it helps in any way. :smiley:

My issues have always been on the left side (when I had the headache phase) the tooth I just had pulled was on the left side.

Of course I have other teeth on that side that are problematic but I would really like to know if any of this could be related.