Meclizine for dizziness/vertigo

What are the opinions on the use of this for acute vertigo episodes?
Any downsides. My Balance specialist said try NOT to use it: better to let the brain accommodate, but that seems like reasonable use in acute BPPV, but MAV?

I tried it and it didn’t help me one bit. It made me feel very tired and dizzy. I don’t have bppv though and have heard it helps with people that do sometimes.

thanks: no one else?

Meclizine helps my nausea but does nothing for the vertigo. And I take only half 12.5 if I’m not home because it puts me to sleep. The neuro-otologist I saw in NYC said to throw it out it’s useless but I still take it when I need anyway because it does help my nausea. Take care,


At my first, acute, experience of MAV they brought me to the ER, and after some time, meclizine: strong dose I don’t remember how much) because I was there where they could keep an eye on me. No positive effect, just two things–nausea and thrashing. Lower, normal doses were of some help whilst I was struggling with the dizzies for a year or so till they diagnosed MAV and I started the diet etc.

When I first got vertigo, it was very intense, and I took a lot of meclizine/antivert. I honestly don’t know if it helped or hurt. After a couple of months I got in the habit of taking half a tab (12.5 mg) before bed, since I was worried about waking up spinning. It kind of made me tired, but it also made me a little clumsy.

I don’t know what to think about it. I am not sure if it helps or hurts. I definitely doesn’t help a lot, but it doesn’t hurt a lot either.

Bottom line, I don’t think it is part of any serious solution to MAV, but you can take it as you wish, it isn’t addictive. The only thing bad that it does is hurt the prostate a little bit.

I prefer cyclizine/Bonine for Kids - I buy it online. works well for dizziness and for nausea. I usually only take 1/2 but can take a whole one as well. Made by the makers of Dramamine. I can only take 1/2 the dose of meclizine due to sleepiness.

I have taken meclizine and it sometimes works. Mostly it just takes the edge off a bad day of dizziness, but doesn’t completely take it away. I’ll also sometimes take it if I feel like I may be getting the spins–although I haven’t had true spins in 10 months so I’m not sure why I still get freaked out about that but I still do.

In my opinion, unless you have vestibular loss that you are trying to get your brain to compensate for, there is no reason not to take a medicine that will help supress the vestibular system and give you relief from dizziness. Why suffer? Try anything you want to try to see if if it helps provide relief–you’ll never know until you try.

I’ve used it several times, and it helps me get through some of my rough days when the dizziness and the nausea are bad, but I still really need to be able to function. There is a less-drowsy formula that you can buy from dramamine that helps me from getting too sleepy. It has been very useful some days. Good luck!