Med side effects

Hey guys,
I just started taking an antidepressant last night. I haven’t had any side effects yet but I was wondering how long it generally takes for the side effects to subside. My doctor said around 5-7 days but on here it seems like it takes around 2 or 3 weeks for side effects to go away if they do at all??

So much of this stuff is really “try it and find out”…it’s so hard to find any constants. Side effects are usually right away if they are going to happen, in my experience. Or at least within a couple of doses. You may not have any at all, in which case, count your blessings! Which one are you taking?
A good reference is from your pharmacist…I think they see different people from all kinds of different docs, so they will have a broader opinion…and that’s what they are there for, so don’t hold back!!! :slight_smile:

Good luck!

Yep - it’s pretty much ‘suck it and see’. Can you let us know which one it is- someone here will probably have tried it already.


I just started taking celexa. I’m not sure if it is an actual mav med but I also have anxiety and my doctor thought this would be a good one for me. Has anyone else taken this?? I started at 20 mg…hopefully it’s not too high!

Hey there – it’s definitely a MAV med used by Baloh (UCLA guru). 20 mg might be too high to start with but if you’re handling it OK then great. I gained control on 15 mg after about 6 weeks and then maintained everything at 10 mg many months later.


You should be good on this med…one of the easier ones to tolerate…and used for migraine and anxiety.
Good luck!!

Thanks!! I’m really hoping this one will work for me! I haven’t noticed too many side effects so far except I have had some trouble sleeping. I thought 20 mg was the lowest dose?

Briana – 20 is the lowest dose for a full pill but you should be able to crack it in half. I used to chop them up with a pill cutter.

In the beginning of use with antidepressants, your serotonin can get flooded and cause some stimulation/anxiety…you can ask your doc for some valium/klonapin o help for the first two weeks or so while you adjust. Good sleep is 'paramount with this mav stuff.

One other point Briana – for years I took Cipramil (Celexa) just before bed. Many times it would jack me up through the night and screw up my sleep until one day, years into it, someone said to me, “why don’t you take it in the morning?” So I did and poof sleep was no longer an issue.