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Medical reference


My wife had complete bilateral loss of vestibular function.
According to your doctor, there is not much we can do about it as your case is idiopathic.
We are heading to the US in October (Chicago - 10/06/21 to 10/11/21, and New York - 10/12/21 to 10/16/21), and I would like to start contacting a specialist to arrange a medical appointment for her during our trip.
Can you refer to a specialist doctor?

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Welcome to the board, Saulo. I’m sorry to hear your wife is suffering. The obvious person is Dr. Hain if you can see him or a member of his team in Chicago, but will leave this Topic open for other suggestions.

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Thanks for helping…

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As @turnitaround said Dr Hain in Chicago is an obvious choice. We have a good few New Yorkers with us here from time to time who can probably make suggestions. Just as well you got started early. That will give you the best chances for sure. These clinics are pretty busy. Good Luck.

Hi Saulo,

I’m very sorry to hear about your wife’s illness.

I contacted Dr. Hain’s (Chicago doc referenced above who is an expert in this area) office for a NYC referral and they recommended Dr. Catherine Cho who practices out of NYU Langone. She is a neuro-otologist.

I have not seen her yet (supposed to see her mid-July) but it took me a while to get an appointment.

Here is her contact link: Catherine Cho, MD | NYU Langone Health

Good luck and hope your wife gets the care that she needs. :pray:



Thanks Liz.

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Last time I called Hains office they said he was retiring but his partner was available! Also Dr Newman in NYC is great (at NYU Lagone).