Medication dose increases

I have chronic swaying/disequilibrium which gets worse as the day progresses into laying down every night with ice packs on my temples. This is my tenth month of this in its full hell mode. I am taking 225 Mgs of lamitical and increased it to 250 Mgs today. Anyhow, it felt like it worsened by normal migraine symptoms. Could my brain be mad at the increase ? The other increases were going okay. I have been trying to push the increases because I want to get better so desperately. I just have never had this happen before- it was not side effects I was experiencing, but more intense migraine-vestibular - symptoms. I ate very well, but did have on small Tablesoon of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. Could that be enough to make me feel so much worse?? Just curious of others opinions. Thanks, Leann

im sorry you are feeling so crummmy. im having a setback myself. i know food is a big issue for me. anything from ham to tea to rice pudding. maybe its time for a new medication? or to increase your dosage?
having kiids to care for must make it even harder.

hang in there.

Thanks for the reply, but I just increased my dosage and have only been on this for two months (maybe a little bit more); I am definitely going to stay on it for it was one I could tolerate(although it took tons of perseverance). I do have a great deal of food triggers, too; and thank goodness, my little ones are way older-- this pic is seven years old. …still hoping for a calmer brain.