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Medication mention count in User Cards

I took a look at what medication people are mentioning in their user cards today (“Med #1/2”).

The following graph lists all medication or supplements mentioned twice or more, ordered by total mentions.

Note I’ve cleaned up the data a lot (spelling!!) and use the scientific, rather than brand names. It does not take into account combinations, it’s just a blunt count. If you don’t recognise your med here, it’s either fairly rare (i’ve not shown ones only mentioned once), or you are not familiar with the scientific name of your med :wink:

Apologies for the res, but clicking on the graph improves the view immensely


Thanks for all of the hard work James!


Very interesting. Very, very interesting.

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Thanks alot for this :+1:t2::+1:t2:

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Now, correct me if I’m wrong but this count is ‘mentions’ - not just from Success Stories, but full mentions with your written provisos. Very interesting because I think it pretty safe to say it could well be a strong imdication of What Really Does Work for us lot. Helen

I think that is incorrect. I believe James took the medications from our “User Cards.” Those are our user profiles where we have “Med #1” and “Med #2.”

You can view anyone’s “User Card” by clicking on their user name. Here is your “User Card:”

Thanks for that. I did wonder how he’d collected it. Never knew what a ‘User Card’ was really. Never had cause to think about it before. As that’s the source it’s even more surprising it rather reflects success. Maybe just coincidence then. Particularly as some seem out of date anyway. Helen

Yes, correct Anna. Collected from user profiles which are reflected on the user cards.

So what people are taking regardless of outcome. You’d hope most were getting some benefit though given the downsides!

I did remind people to update those but I’m sure some are out of date.

Take it for what it is.

I wish more people would add their location (at least their country, and preferably their city or region) to their user cards. It’s fun to see where everyone lives!


Your wish is my command. Helen

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btw, I’m sure you’ve all seen this?:

Another way of looking at it … Propanolol scores surprisingly low on that poll.

No surprise to me. Most modern people are just not patient enough to wait long enough for it to work. It does seem very dose dependent and it took eight months from hitting a (fairly) effective dose before my 24/7 rotary dizziness even started to stop but it did, eventually. And one acute full on attack in over three years is so much better than the four/five in less than a year in the year before I swallowed my first tablet. Also it’s a very straightforward med, or seems so to me. No sting in the tail. I know some people react to it very early on, BP drops I guess, and have to quit but if that doesn’t happen most seem OK. I upped and upped the dose and the only side effect was an increased pile of pill boxes for recycling! Helen