Medicine and Me: Living with migraine - April 20th

This meeting is organised by the Royal Society of Medicine in association with The Migraine Trust and has Dr Nick Silver as a speaker.

Looks really interesting and I believe it’s free for patients though you need to register.

Would love to go, although it’s not particularly how I want to spend my 30th birthday!!

12.30 pm
Registration and coffee

12.55 pm
Welcome address
Professor John Betteridge
Dean, Royal Society of Medicine

Session One
Chair: Dr Gordon Plant
Past President, Clinical Neurosciences Section, RSM

1.00 pm
What is migraine and why do I get it?
Dr Fayyaz Ahmed
Consultant Neurologist, Spire Hull and East Riding Hospital

1.15 pm
Triggers and lifestyle factors:
Ms Vicky Quarshie
Headache Specialist Nurse, Hull and Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust, Hull Royal Infirmary, Hull

1.30 pm
Triggers and lifestyle factors:
Patient’s view

1.45 pm
New triggers for atypical migraine
Mrs Anne Silk

1.55 pm
Panel discussion

Session Two
Chair: Ms Wendy Thomas
Chief Executive, The Migraine Trust

2.15 pm
How to get help, and where from
Dr Anish Bahra
Consultant Neurologist and Headache Specialist, National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery

2.30 pm
How to get help, and where from
Patient’s view

2.45 pm
Panel discussion

3.05 pm
Tea break

Session Three
Chair: Dr Mark Weatherall
Consultant Neurologist, Imperial College Healthcare and Ealing Hospital NHS Trusts

3.30 pm
Hormones in migraine: Periods, the pill and pregnancy:
Dr Manuela Fontebasso
General Practitioner with a Specialist interest in headache

3.45 pm
Hormones in migraine: Periods, the pill and pregnancy
Patient’s view

4.00 pm
Panel discussion

Session Four
Chair: Dr Gordon Plant
Past President, Clinical Neurosciences Section, RSM

4.20 pm
Drug treatment:
Dr Nick Silver
Consultant Neurologist, The Walton Centre, Liverpool

4.35 pm
Drug treatment:
Jess Fletcher
Migraine patient

4.50 pm
A look to the future: Research horizons
Professor Peter Goadsby
Professor of Neurology, University of California; Director, UCSF Headache programme

5.15 pm
Panel discussion

5.45 pm
Summing up and close of meeting
Ms Wendy Thomas
Chief Executive, The Migraine Trust

I will definitely try to get to this if I am in the UK.

Isn’t it funny how they have tea and coffee breaks… how inconsiderate of them lol

i am up for this. Its my birthday weekend as well

MM this is starting to get weird now!! Stop copying me! :lol:

Omg it’s my birthday too :)!

Only kidding x

Love how they start the day with Coffee. Way to throw it in our faces. lol

Looks very cool though.

Ha ha yes how bad that they start it all off with coffee!!! Made me laugh that.

Would love to go to this but I can’t sit still on a chair for too long or I start to spin so I’d be bloody hopeless there. If you go missmoss and richy be sure to let us all know how it goes.


Sounds really good! Wish I could make it. Would be nice to meet up with some people off the forum too :)) Since being told to avoid caffeine all i want is a latte! Yummy, in fact I would also like some chocs and a bottle of wine please… If only!!! X x


Is anyone going to this? Unfortunately I can’t make it. I was wondering if anyone was going and could report back any useful information
I know Dr Silver will be speaking at the event

Hi all,

I would also like to know if anyone is going to this? I’d really appreciate someone taking some notes and passing on any new pearls of wisdom. These sorts of events usually yield some new information and we can never get enough of that.

Thanks 8)


Did anyone go to this? :smiley: