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Medicine Brand

Hello everyone,

I am taking Nortriptyline 30 mg per day since 8 weeks. The doctor in uk prescribed it and i took the medicine from the hospital pharmacy.

I fly back home, and after 2 months i run out of the medicine. Its finished! So, i went to my doctor and he gave me prescription and i kept searching in the pharmacies here in my country and i found the medicine in one pharmacy only. The same medicine name but different packing, different company (made in newzeland) and the one i took before is made in uk.

Now two days with the new packing and i feel horrible! Dizzy after taking the medicine. The doctor said they should have the same chemicals but i am really not sure.

Please help, any idea ? :neutral_face:

Yes Hope. It happens. I am UK resident and donโ€™t leave the country however many times I have been given a different brand and they are different. Some doctors and pharmacies do acknowledge this but many do not. By law they must contain the quoted amount of chemical drug ie 10mg
Nortriptyline will be in every pill so marked however the filler, the component that binds the drug and/or the pill casing can be entirely different. This is obvious to me with my Propranolol pills because some brands vary so much in size you can easily mistake a 40mg in one for a 10mg in another. It could be you are allergic to either the filling component, the casing component or even a colouring component. However it could also be a nervous reaction if the thought of something different scared you and you must also bear in mind sometimes MAV just changes day to day. You have not been on the drug long enough to see good stability yet anyway and, yet another possible Iโ€™m afraid to say. Could your MAV just be reacting to the journey home. Travel is certainly a trigger for some people.

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