Medrol Dose Pack of Prednisone - bad idea for me!

I think I mentioned in a former thread that I decided to take steroids for a week. A few doctors mentioned that it most probably won’t help, but is worth a shot. And, my husband (who is a physician) has pushed me to take steroids since I’ve been ill. He swears by steroids to help all. Well, it didn’t help my MAV. I finally gave in due to desperation and tried it. I took it a few days, and I felt much more dizzy. And, then I stopped it on Saturday, and have been left feeling so very sick since stopping it. In addition to my “normal” disequilibrium, I have this weird spinning sensation and extreme lightheadedness. I was so worried yesterday that I developed yet another symptom (I have not suffered from spinning vertigo in the past). Today, I am still very bad, but seems to have let up a tiny bit. I just wanted to write this as a caution to those who want to try steroids for some reason. Everyone is different, and perhaps it can help some, but not for me. Do others think this was all due to the steroids? I sure do hope so. Will keep you posted. After I at least return to my baseline, I will start the Effexor. I continue to feel pretty down at the moment. Feels like this situation keeps on getting worse and worse, and not really seeing the light at the end of the tunnel right now. NEver thought I would be hoping to be back to my miserable baseline. Hopefully, tomorrow, will be a bit better FOR ALL OF US!!

Lisa, I really was hoping that may have helped and been another alternative to the longer term meds. I hope you get back to your nornmal baseline soon. I would wait to start the Effexor until you feel like you have returned to your normal for a day or two. I hope tomorrow is indeed better for all of us! Ben

I’m so sorry you’re feeling so bad Lisa. I hope so much that effexfor is the answer for you and you can get back to 100%. I hope someday soon we will all feel a lot better and put this awful illness behind us.

Thank you. I sometimes post on, and 2 women who were suffering terribly from MAV, are now 95-100% from meds. That gave me some encouragement and I hope it gives others hope as well.

Hi Liza,

I have a friend who is doing well on low dose (emphasize low dose) hydrocortisone. Chances are you were given a very high dose. My friend takes only 15 to 20 mg hydrocortisone a day split, equivalent I believe to 5 mg prednisone a day.

I hope the effexor work, I have just been to the neuro who is giving these to me if I want them, I am still trying to choose between effexor or cymbalta, but think it will be effexor.

When I took prednisone last May for an asthma flair, I remember a couple of days mid-treatment when my dizziness was worse. I also just felt odd - a little hyper on it and trouble sleeping a few nights. A few days after treatment I returned to my more usual dizzy self. I remember thinking mid-treatment that I didn’t ever want to take prednisone again but in retrospect it wasn’t too bad and I will take it again if I have to. I hope that you feel better soon as the prednisone gets out of you system.

Hi Lisa,

I took prednisone twice last year when the ENT thought I had VN and it made me feel really bad. It kills everything in your body…
I wouldn’t take that stuff again. I’m on my fourth week taking Effexor and I’m doing good. I feel a slight change. Nighttime is still rough…I hope Effexor works for you Lisa,



Emma - that’s good to know that I’m not the only one that suffered from Steroids. I am praying for that to be the reason for my increased symptoms.
So glad to hear that you’re doing well on Effexor - what dose are you on now? do you suffer from disequilibrium? I would give anything for just that one symptom to go away, as it is so disabling,