Meds for Stress, Panic, Anxiety

Hi all
As we’ve seen in a previous topic, stress, panic and anxiety appears to be a big trigger for MAV. Is there anyone who can recommend what med they take to reduce their stress & anxiety and make the condition more tollerable? Do they take them daily, or just whenever they’re feeling particularly stressed? (I personally think I would need to take something daily). I’m currently taking sandomigran (antihistamine), metoprolol (beta-blocker) and clonazapam (anti-seisure med) but am in the process of coming off sandomigran over the next few months. One of my biggest problems currently interfering with my lifestyle, is the raised stress levels exaccerbating my MAV and I’m constantly thinking that something ‘calming’ for my brain would enable me to be more interactive with the world and better able to cope more than I currently am. I’m seeing my neuro in approx 7 wks and thought I’d discuss this issue with him then. Any suggestions, experiences would be really appreciated. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Judy,

The clonazepam you mention is a benzo and besides being given to treat seizures, is also given to treat panic. How much are you taking?


Thanks for that Julie,
I’m currently taking 500 microgram per day (1/2 morn and 1/2 evening).

I take three times that dose of Klonopin. The other thing that really calmed me a lot was Zoloft (SSRI). I was real freaked out by this illness before starting it.

Julie, thanks for that info…I started off on about the same dosage as you are taking now but tapered off. I’m not sure whether that was such a good idea so will see how I go over the next couple of weeks and may decide to increase it once again. It’s just that I was taking so many sandomigran tabs 7 x .5mg tabs per day (have reduced that to 5 tabs at the moment). I have also been trialling metoprolol and reached my max recommended dosage but don’t feel any real benefits unfortunately, except for unbelievable lethargy and exhaustion at the slightest activity. My neuro said if the metoprolol didn’t work, I could try verapamil so I’ll give myself a few weeks to sort out the ‘balance’ before having another go at another tab. Thanks for the info about Klonopin, it’s of real help.
regards, Judy

also, i got a lot of relief of anxiety from my SSRI, Zoloft.

Hi Judy,

I have always taken small doses of valium if necessary (2.5 mg) and if I was ever in an extended anxiety-filled period, I’d make sure I had a couple of days free of valium in between doses. I haven’t used it for some time now.

I have also been on an SSRI for over 4 years. The good news is that I have found a very good natural alternative and it’s making it possible for me to get off the SSRI. I hate being on it and am really happy to be only about 2 weeks away from being completely free of it.

You might want to consider taking the St John’s Wort I’m using. It has been used in proper clinical trials and has been shown to be very effective – better than Paxil without the side effects. It’s called Remotiv and it’s manufactured in Switzerland. I’m also using a magnesium/vitamin B complex. These two things alone have ended my days of anxiety. Worth a shot.

Best … Scott

Thanks for the tip Scott,
I’m more than happy to try complimentary therapies, is the Remotiv a specific brand of St Johns Wart and do you know if it’s readily available in health food stores, or any specific store that I need to visit?
It’s great to hear that you’re just about done with the SSRI’s, I know how you feel about not wanting to take meds forever. I’m still in the early stages (2 years new to this) of MAV and am still on the meds merry-go-round, I just dumped beta-blocker metoprolol as it didn’t do the job unfortunately. I’m still on sandomigran and rivotril (clonazapam) and only 60% recovered unfortunately, so I think I’ll be doin the meds thing for another couple of years I’m sure.
I’ve also got the valium 2mg script filled, and on-the-ready just in case I need to go that way for a while. It’s a real juggle these meds and I’m trying hard to find MY balance as everyone seems so individual.
Great to see you doing so well, we all need to hear good news stories on this board and I’m so pleased for you. :stuck_out_tongue:
regards Judy

I take magnesium at 400mg of elemental a day–and riboflavin 400mg–what is your dose of B vitamins and magnesium? I just started low dose zoloft, and it seems to be helping, but I completely understand the desire to be free of prescription medication.
Here in the US, herbal supplements are not supervised, and the dosage in the bottle varies widely.