Meds impact on blood pressure

My blood pressure is usually about 115/65. I am fairly thin and attribute the relatively low pressure to that. When I was on Effexor, it elevated to about 135/85. It came down a little while I was on it and then went back to normal when I weened off it completely. I am now on Nortriptyline (started with 1/2 10 mg, now up to the full 10 mg). My blood pressure is back up to about 135/85, it has been as high as 142/90. I am also struggling a bit since I went to the full 10 mg - dizziness and brain fogginess is worse, I am weak and anxious, and headachey. My question is has anyone else noticed an increase in blood pressure with the various meds and if so, is it a cause for concern. I was thinking about going back down to 1/2 10 mg for another week or so and then trying to go back up. Thank you. Ben

Ben - I cannot speak to BP. But, I did want you to know that I tried Nortriptyline in the past, and for the first 10 days or so of starting a dose or increasing the dose, my symptoms of dizziness were much worse, due to side effects of the drug. I was much more woozy and dizzy if that makes sense. However, after about 10 days I returned to my baseline. So your body does adjust. I did get up to 20mg (still a very small dose), but at that time I went to another doctor who quickly switched me to Verapamil. I have had no success on Verapamil. Correct me if I’m wrong - are you a pt of Dr. Hain? I scheduled an appt to see him in 2 weeks. I didn’t realize that Nortriptyline is one of his drugs of choice (many docs prescribe nortriptyline). What dose is he aiming to get you to? good luck. sorry I cannot answer your BP question.

Thanks, MAVLisa. I hope it settles soon. I am supposed to try to get to 30 mg, although slowly. I have consulted with Dr. Hain over the phone and corresponded through emails. His next med for me (after my try with Effexor) was Verapamil. I am also seeing another headache specialist and he wanted me to try Nortriptyline next. I was really conflicted with which to try. I decided on Nortriptyline because I was apprehensive about potential lowering of my blood pressure on Verapamil and the potential constipation issues (I already have that issue as a result of something called anismus). I was also a little more comfortable going with the Dr that I have seen in person who I like a lot. I completely respect Dr. Hain and still email him but I dont really feel like I have developed a personal relationship with him having not seen him in person - just a personal thing. At the rate I am going, I may be headed for Verapamil in any event! Ben

Nortriptyline has been recommended by all doctors that I have seen. It does have difficult side effects, but I know people who got better on it. I may try it again, depending on What Dr. Hain says. just to clarify - you already tried Effexor? Dr. Hain is the first doctor who I heard uses Effexor. what did your current doctor think of Effexor? Verapamil really has had low side effects. I’m just distressed that it didn’t work. good luck with figuring out the best med for you.

MAVLisa, Effexor was recommended by my other Dr as well as Dr Hain. It seems to be one of the first that are tried - that along with Nortriptyline and Verapamil. I tried Effexor for 8 weeks, going from 1/3 of the 37.5 mg capsule up to the full capsule and then increasing to 75 mg before going back down. I had a difficult time with severe brain fog in the beginning and then constant anxiety and shakiness throughout. I was also grinding my teeth badly and my dizziness got a little worse, although in a different way. It is definitely worth a try. Since I have been struggling with Nortriptyline, I am second guessing whether I gave Effexor a fair shot. Both Dr. Hain and my other Dr thought that I had but feeling this bad is causing me to question myself. I actually had a few good days between being off Effexor and starting up Nortriptyline (I gave myself 1 week off Effexor before I started Nortriptyline) and then the first few days on Nortriptyline weren’t too bad, but things have worsened since last Thursday. Good luck and please keep me posted on how your appointment goes and what he recommends for you. Ben

Ben - thanks for getting back to me. Wish we had a crystal ball and knew what drugs worked for us. But, this forum gave me hope that there are many drugs out there and something will eventually help.