Meds question

I have an appt tomorrow with my neurologist. Just a follow up from May when he first prescribed the nort. But I was wondering if I can ask for something for the immediate anxiety that I get when the dizziness gets bad without it being a daily dosage type of medication, Is that even an option & if so What are some of them? Should I just try cbd oil instead?

CBD is good. If you are very careful benzodiazepines are good.

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I keep dancing around CBD …like for nights like tonight I wish I had something, I did ok yesterday even while feeling the aftermath of my “wild” Saturday and today was ok overall but for some reason for very dizzy right before time and I feel that panicky feeling again

Is CBD derived from actual cannabis legal in Florida? I haven’t had much luck with the hemp stuff.

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I found this “ The federal government decriminalized the substance, which typically comes from hemp , but in Florida it’s a controlled substance. Possession of CBD oil , even with no THC, is a felony in Florida .May 13, 2019”

But then it says Legal under 2018 Farm Bill rules. on another website.

I seriously don’t have a clue about anything cannabis, ate an edible once about 4 years ago while on a trip to Colorado and the high it gave me is the joke that keeps on giving, it was the craziest thing …all I know is that cbd is not supposed to get your high but works good for pains and anxiety/stress

CBD by itself won’t get you high, though it does seem to work better with just a small amount of THC - almost like the relationship between turmeric and black pepper.

Can you ask about medical marijuana and get the CBD products that way?


I could, once contemplated it while going through the rough path of endo pain before surgery but it would be nice to be able to do it without having to pay the $300 they want for the certification & ID :woman_facepalming:t3:

That is too bad. It’s so cheap and available here.