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Memory foam mattress

Someone else posted that their problems started within a few days after buying a memory foam mattress so I wanted to ask those of you who sleep of one of these what your experiences are. I’d like to buy one because of my aging achy body :frowning: , but seems to me that the way you sink into to would be too much movement. And is it hard to turn over on one? And what about the odor? I understand at first it is quite strong. Is that a problem for anyone?

The few people I know that sleep on these love them, they have no problems with them. But they also don’t have vertigo.


Hi book – yes, BIG problems for me. I’m currently looking at buying a new mattress from a supplier who uses only natural latex and other untreated fibers (cotton and wool). I’m not sure how I will react to this so to test it I’m buying one of their pillows this weekend made from latex.

I react very badly with severe headache on any new mattress loaded with polyurethane and other chemical additives. Mattresses are full up with anti fungal chemicals and flame retardants. For most people it’s not an issue but for some of us it is. Basically as you lie on the mattress for 8 hours, your body heats it up and the (volatile organic compounds) VOCs leech out and into the skin, into your blood stream and may act as a migraine trigger.

Good luck.


Makes me grateful for my old memory foam mattress…we got it New, years ago, before my vestibular neuritis and mav took hold.

I bought a memory foam topper for the mattress years ago, for my bad back.
Not only did it make my back a lot worse, I was boiling hot all night and the topper stunk.
It went up in the loft and has been cut up for various things since, garden seat etc.

If you want more comfort for aches and pains, having gone through various mattresses for a very bad back problem in the past, I would recommend the eggbox mattress topper (not the memory foam one). This stopped my backache, I got one for my mum, it stopped her aching shoulder. Best of all, it only costs around £30. I have had one on my bed for the last 20 years (I buy a new one every 2 or 3 years).

It smells when you first get it (air it in another room for 24 hours) then its OK.

Christine :slight_smile: