Memory loss/confusion

I have been suffering with mav for nearly two years now and although my acute dizziness is not as bad as it was due to meds, I really suffer from a mental confusion all of the time.

Does any one else find that they have a hard time finding the right words, or forget what they are talking about if they pause in the middle of a sentence. My memory is also shot. I cannot remember movies that I saw a couple of weeks ago or conversations that I have had with friends when they call to follow up… I try to make light of it with my family, especially my children as I don’t want them to think that mom is entering early dementia!

I spoke with Dr Hain about it and I suggested that maybe it was the calcium channel blocker that I was on - he said that should help my memory not harm it. I am now trialing effexor and still no change (I also take zoloft). Of course, the stress of living with this condition probably is not helping the situation but I have been relatively stressed all my life and did not have this problem.

Is it just me?

Had this since my first bout with vertigo and VN. All day, everyday. I am also trying different drugs. No luck. I have read stories about people getting rid of this brain fog, but who knows if we all have the dame problem. 3.5 years here for me…