Menieres Disease

Hi everyone
I am hoping someone is clued up about Menieres Disease. I am going to have an EChog test and vestibular function tests next month to determine whether I have Menieres. Does anyone know of anyone with Menieres that suffers constant dizziness. My Neuro is very suspicious of my intolerance to salty foods, and a previous VRT test which showed abnormal left ventricular function. I always thought people with this condition had attacks of vertigo??? I haven’t noticed any hearing loss, only a slight fullness/dragging feeling in my left ear. I am desperate to find out what is going on with me…I am totally spent after putting up with this unrelenting condition for so long.

Hi Kylie,

It can be very difficult to distinguish between the two conditions and frequently people with migraine are misdiagnosed with Meniere’s. Dr Granot hasn’t completely ruled out Meniere’s for me either but at this stage we’re sticking to a diagnosis of migraine. There is no question I’m a migraineur. In addition migraine is very common and Meniere’s is quite rare, so chances are I’m just a migraineur. Confoundingly however, people with Meniere’s are more likely than the general population to have migraine as well and vice versa.

Anyway, have a read through some of these threads, including the great lectures by Prof Gibson and Dr Daniel Brown: viewforum.php?f=34


Thanks Victoria. Wow…so much great information. I’ll have to do some serious reading tonight when kids are in bed. Dr Granot did suggest that I could have both MAV and Menieres, as migraine is very common with Menieres. I guess I’ll have to wait on these tests results? Did you have any VFT’s or an Echog?? Last time I had VFT’s it was horrendous. I took 3 months to get back to “normal”. Not looking forward to it… but a diagnosis is well over due!! How are you feeling Victoria?
Thank again