Meniere's - interview with Prof Gibson

Just listened to it. Good stuff.

just now saw this post. duh!!! way to pay attention… :lol:

anyway, really good interview! thanks for posting! :smiley:

This is one of the most accurate interviews of Menieres that I have heard. I happen to be one of the few that has had their Menieres become bilateral.
I rescently saw an ENT surgeon of 50 years that stated that I was only the second bilateral Menieres patient he had seen. He also agreed on the MAV connection with Menieres. Really love this site!

How are you doing with your bilateral Menieres? Any changes? Anything new that is working for you?

Very unlikely you’ll receive a response. They haven’t posted on here since 2013. Not any Menieres folk posting here currently as far as I’m aware so apart from searching the archives which you have obviously already done again I’m none too sure you’ll find much help here at present. Still it’s always worth a try. There are many ‘lurkers’ who might just bite and join up in response.