Mental health treatment

I am still in the dark after 2 yrs of mostly chronic mav-like symptoms. Dont want to repeat myself from my older posts, so i will try my best here. I have literally had various anxiety disorders and some depression my whole life (32 years old now). Decent upbringing, etc, so i truly believe this is just “the way i am”.
I am not saying anxiety is 100% the cause of my vestibular stmptoms, but i am starting to think it represents the bulk of the problem for me. I have had many physiological symptoms of anxiety years, decades before this, which is one clue for me. Long story short, my biggest dizzy triggers are (cognitive and phys) anxiety triggers—social situations, leaving the apartment, going to work (have HATED job for years now but escape isnt easy–long story). Something else i should add: my mav-ish symptoms have always been “subclinical”, and all tests normal. I have wasted alot of the last 2 years mentally jumping from one vestib disorder to another. When i focus on symptoms of one illness, u guessed it, bang come the symptoms! I remember imagining diabetes symptoms at age 11, so a solid history of hypochondria/conversion disorder is verified!
Here’s the problem: the best i ever felt in my life (mentally and phys) was on full therapeutic doses of antidepressants. Unfortunately, i am one of those people who will not take them again because the side effects were more upsetting to me than suffering horrid mental issues–sad but true. I have seen a great therapist many times in the past, but the longest i have stuck with it at any given point was 2 years. Not enough??? I exercise, meditate, and keep as busy with friends and hobbies as possible but progress only goes so far there. I realize i will likely feel better when i finally get a new job too. Oh i have even gone the “alternative quackery” route before which did nothing (shocking!!!). Should i perhaps look into simply “masking” my symptoms with an off label med like Neurontin? Sorry this was lengthy but everyone around me is sick of hearing about my physical and mental woes, and it makes me really lonely. ;(

Sounds very unpleasant, except for two things: one, you’re doing a number of good “taking care of yourself” things; two, you’ve this great therapist.
Two pieces that aren’t clear: one, why you’re asking us whether the therapist can help you further, given that therapists’ work includes helping people plan; and where your doc is in all this. Come to think of it, how are the lines of communication between your therapist and your doc?

You probably need to find another anti-depressant with side effects you can tolerate and stick with it while you so some intensive CBT. If you think it is psychological in basis, then your outlook is good. The mind is a powerful tool and given the appropriate treatment u should be able to conquer your issues. I have an article by Sarah Edelman about Psycho-physiological Dizziness Syndrome if u would like it.