Message for sian by becks

HI Sian I have written a long reply to your private message but it says I cant reply to u?

This is my reply to a private message. I can’t send it privately so I have posted it here

Hi Sian
Yes it is me from the labs video and I used to be on emma and ilias guestbook all the time. My username was Becks, What was yours? Thank you so much for your email. I wasn’t correctly diagnosed until the end of July by Prof Luxon. I got so ill after trying to go back to work that I ended up not being able to stand or walk cos my brain went crazy. I was having vertigo attacks every few months but thought it was cos I had done so much, now I know they were migraine attacks. My audiovestibular consultant in Cardiff constantly told me I had VN and had decompensated, I really think he had no idea how severe my symptoms were. I had been going to Dr Pavlou for 2 years for vrt and when I became very ill again she referred me to prof Luxon. I was hugely surprised when she diagnosed me. I started on amitriptyline 3.5 months ago and am seeing lots of improvements but it is still really hard. I am going to see Prof Libby in London for CBT as I think I have been through quite a lot mentally with it. Did you do VRT with Dr Pavlou and if so for how long. What made you chose dosulepin instaed of amitriptyline. I am on 45mg at the moment and hope to get to 50 and stay on 50 for a while. How long on the meds was it until you saw an improvement.
Thanks for your email