Migraine and cognitive decline among women? Nope!

Is it OK to post links to articles? If this is a no-no sorry and delete:)

I found this article interesting. I’m just entering the whole MAV world the past few months and often (most of the time) have brain fog and trouble concentrating when talking. I am having “cognitive testing” next week, and googling it came upon this research paper that made me feel better!

The conclusion was:

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In this prospective cohort of women, migraine status was not associated with faster rates of cognitive decline

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YAY! So hopefully I can correlate that to MAV, and I won’t lose my mind in all this, too? :smiley:


Solid study, with trustworthy findings!

I also appreciate their literature review, which is not limited to female cohorts.

Admittedly, they did find faster decline among older women, but this is not especially surprising. Also, add a cerebrovascular event and you have a new ball game, possibly with worse effect if you’re a migraineur than if not, if I read them correctly.