Migraine babble

I just told my boss last week that if I start babbling in a meeting that we were getting ready to have, to jump in and save me. First, the whites of my eyes get gray / red, then I sometimes clamor for words. I know then that I am full into a migraine. I’m so grateful that I have such a wonderful work team to help me through some of these 7 hr long meetings where I could make a complete fool out of myself.


You will be fine Renee, be positive!!!:v:t2::v:t2:


Thank you Nicolas! Better all the time :raised_hands:t2:


Thank you for this post. I hope that your long meeting goes okay. It’s awful trying to manage the words while everyone waits to get the gist. I’m glad that you told someone at work so that they can support you if needed.

I’ve had this problem with speech too, so I will be more observant about how it correlates with my other symptoms.

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I often tell attendees. Yesterday I was the main speaker in a televised public meeting on a controversial topic. It was only a three hour meeting but in a dusty building with old fluorescent lights. I wore my migraine glasses. I started my speech by telling them my rose colored glasses weren’t just reflective of my sunny disposition but were migraine glasses. If I’d gone all aphasia and slurring I would have told them why. Instead, I told them the glasses now keep me from slurring later. People, even the ones who are against your position and have said nasty things on social media, are almost universally kind when you’re willing to show your vulnerability and humanity. Of course, being really prepared and wowing them didn’t hurt.


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I’ll try James, im doing it on the phone and is a it confusing, thank you

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