Migraine bladder?

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How many of you have bladder issues with this crap? I don’t but my brother does and he gets the same coat hanger headaches I do. His threshold is high and so migraine is no big deal for him but when he crashes, the neck aches kick in as do bladder symptoms. He feels like he has to pee all the time but doesn’t have to. Sometimes like he’s been kicked. It’s not an infection though. There’s a pattern there for him with stress and neck pain. Comes and goes.

I can’t find much in the literature but remember Luke having non-stop bladder problems.

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Does he take any meds?
Ami is supposedly good for that. There are conditions for women where they have vulvar pain…kind of like mystery pain in their girly bits, and I am guessing this might be similar.


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How many of you have bladder issues with this crap?

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Not in the normal run of things but most definitely in the run up to, and during, a particularly bad head episode. Back to normal afterwards.


Err…yes, but I hadn’t linked it to migraine!! It’s been going for a while now - I’m guessing a year or so (but then I’ve had MAV for something approaching 3 years)! Also, because I’m on Topamax and there’s an increased risk of kidney stones, I drink loads of water, so I guess that isn’t helping! But I get a ‘must go right now, even though I know my bladder isn’t really near capacity’ type urgent feeling. Doc said it wasn’t an infection (usual unhelpful response) and that I could take a drug if I liked, but the last thing I wanted was to pile another drug for something else on top of the Topa!

Kelley, I experience that vulvar pain you’re talking about. I haven’t had it in years and it suddenly started again last month. The last time I had it I was not experiencing all the other MAV crap so I didn’t think it could be related… but maybe it is :?

Yes, I have the feeling of having to go to the bathroom and then not having anything. At first I went to the doctor to make sure I didn’t have a UTI. Now, I just wait for migraine symptoms to improve, and my bladder feeling gets better too.