Migraine Cook Books

Hi all
I was checking out Amazon.com tonight just thinking about using some good recipes that would be migraine friendly. Hardly any of them have any recommendations so I’ll probably choose something too fancy or impractical for me. Anybody got any good migraine recipe books they can recommend that I could order. Before getting carried away, my requirement is that they be dead easy to cook, simple (like me :oops:

If I could just win that damn lottery, all my problems could be solved, I’d have a chef on hand 24 hours a day!


you know, i quit posting recipes, because nobody was responding to the posts. I thought maybe everybody was eating takeout! :lol:

I do love to cook, it’s true. And i love sharing my recipes with people, so it’s hard to inhibit myself, so here i go again

I made grilled salmon with chive oil this weekend. You take cut up chives and olive oil, blend it in a blender and let it strain through cheesecloth for an hour.

Coat the salmon on both sides with the oil and grill it.

Serve it with the following little salad on top of the salmon:

EDIT: I forgot, also add to this salad some mildly sauteed finely sliced shallots

mint leaves
tarragon leaves
parsley leaves

drizzle more of the chive oil over the salad

it’s really easy and so good!

But listen, i know i posted this one, but it is so easy and so good and if you make a double batch you’ll have leftovers:

3 T olive oil
2 c chopped shallots
1 1/2 bunch broccoli cut into 1 1/2 inch pieces
1 t. salt
2 red or yellow peppers
2 c water or veggie broth (i make my own)
2 T flour
6 large cloves garlic

Heat the oil in a deep skillet. Saute the shallots for 10-15 minutes
Add the broccoli and salt and saute another 10 minutes
Add the bell pepper and saute another 5 minutes
Add water/broth and turn up heat to a boil.
Reduce heat and sprinkle flour in, whisking until it dissolves
Stir in garlic

Make 1/2 pound of pasta (I use whole wheat)

It really is easy, fun to make and so good. While one thing is cooking, you can be preparing the next batch of stuff that needs sauteing.

Okay, i’ll be quiet now :slight_smile:


Oh god I’d love to come to your place for dinner Julie, I think the 20 hour trip might do me in unfortunately!

Thanks for the recipes, I’m just going to have to become a little more imaginative. It’s pretty hard when I’m the only one of four in my family who like veges, the extent of my husband’s and kids’ tastes only go to mashed potato, corn and peas. What hope have I! I’m the only one who enjoys just about all veges, when we eat out, although I’m not a vegetarian, I quite often order the vegetarian meal just so I can get my ‘fix’! They say that being in a family involves lots of compromise, that extends to the dinner table :lol: !


— Begin quote from “Julie”

you know, i quit posting recipes, because nobody was responding to the posts. I thought maybe everybody was eating takeout! :lol:

— End quote

I used to love to cook, but with my darn eyeglass problem and my legs shaking when I stand, I get as much take out as possible.
Actually, I buy the gourmet goodies in the store and then pack the fridge with it.
I figure my life sucks donkey poop so I buy pre-cooked filet mignon or pizza. Lol. I buy anything good.
I sure as hell can’t buy designer high heels anymore unless they come in the style called vertigo, so I spend money on designer food instead. 8)


that was one of the first signs, years ago, that something was amiss - i love shoes but i was feeling unsteady in most of them. I was starting to buy “old lady” shoes. I couldn’t make sense out of it. I was still taking ballet 3-4 times a week, but I couldn’t walk in most of my shoes anymore?

I’m straight tennis shoes now Jules.
I have to walk very slowly at times or I walk like I’m snowplowing.
Snowplowing-- turning your skiis inward to slow down on the slope. Lol.
Some days I can walk normal, but not often. I constantly feel like I am walking on a suspension bridge, trampoline, or balance beam.
Makes walking damn hard.


that’s how thornapple used to talk, only she used to say it was like walking on cushions. Topamax took all that away for her.

Last year I shuffled, like my 91 year old Dad. But yea, just flats. Merrells - they feel the most stable and i have to baby a sesamoiditis from too much swing-dancing about six years ago.

OMG it’s past 9:00 - Ms. A is on the way!