Migraine Diet - bottom line?

Hi guys…

I have gone in circles so much over the migraine diet for so long now. I just find it so hard to stick to with everything else going on in my life. I mean, modern life is bloody hard when you have to be strict with food as well as trying to get on with life in general and be sociable etc… However I am really thinking of giving it a proper go. giving up alcohol all together and going the full hog with medication and diet.

The only thing for me is that I have never noticed any worsening of symptoms if I drink coffee, or dairy or eat cheese or citrus etc… From your experiences have you found that even without having any noticeable adverse reactions to triggers, after being on the diet it has helped you?

its not really THAT hard doing it for a month or so. If theres no improvement by then I doubt itll help

For me I see a clear cut reaction from certain foods. It usually kicks in within 4-6 hours or the next day. Chocolate hits me a day later.

Food doesn’t do everyone in. Are you sure it’s an issue at all?


I have always had certain triggers that were obvious for me, but after trying the diet, realized there were less obvious triggers that were adding to my trigger load without me having realized it before. Some common triggers, like MSG, still don’t seem to matter to my head one way or the other, but I am trying the diet again to make sure. When I tried the diet the first time, I noticed a difference quickly. Honestly, if I had tried it for months with no change in symptoms, I would not have put much of any stock in food being a trigger for me. It certainly isn’t for everyone.

If you are really keen on trying it still and are just finding things difficult, it may help to sit down one night and create a meal list that is diet-friendly. Include a few options for each meal, and rotate through them. It can get a little boring, but it can simplify things greatly and take the daily hassle of thinking about every meal out of the equation.