Migraine diet questions

Does yogurt bother anyone who is trying the migraine diet from the book Heal your headache? I love my greek yogurt so much and it is so hard for me not to eat it. I thought giving up coffee would be bad but I miss this more! I am also wondering about brown sugar. It is not listed in the book to be a trigger but sometimes I think sugar does trigger dizziness for me. I just started this diet though and am still learning.

I started out avoiding any soured dairy, per instructions.
Once I had this more under control, I tried yogurt, and I’m okay with it. I still probably would avoid it on a bad day.
Next step: buttermilk?

Thanks David! I probably will just give it up for a while. It is my favorite breakfast and I have only eaten it twice in the past week and a half because I hear it’s a no no. Will give it a try after I have been dizziness free for a few months. Giving it up is better than being dizzy I guess.