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Migraine diet sandwich suggestions please!

I’m back to work this week on the migraine diet and can’t think of anything I’m allowed to put in a sandwich. Can’t have cheese, ham, tuna, marmite etc and don’t like egg. Has anyone got any suggestions? Thanks.

I have tuna!

Hummus too…

Cottage cheese and cucumber?

*Grilled vegetables with hummus and basil mayo

I always have delimeat with no nitrates from the counter…it gets expensive, but good. Lots of green leaf lettuce, and American cheese- plain on condiments. I think this is all okay to eat. You have to be sure and ask the deli person or to make certain on the delimeat.

Chicken :smiley:

I’m also fine with tuna with no dressings, some american cheese slices are ok (that rubbery cheese they put in some burgers)
cottage cheese, cream cheese, chicken chunks, some fruit jams are fine, and i found a crab paste that was fine ingredient wise.

Or use cold meats left from dinner such as beef slices.

I was going to echo that getting nitrate free deli meat is easy…also chicken salad, if you like that sort of thing.
I would think hummus with cucumber, peanut butter and jelly, sliced steak like a philly steak?
just a few ideas…


I get so confused when it comes to beans. I thought they were all off limits? Garbanzo beans are ok? How about other beans? What about garlic since that is in hummus

i thought nuts were off limits which means no to peanut butter?

I even thought mayonnaise was kinda debatable because of the vinegar in it… Maybe it depends on how sensitive you are.

Rhetorical question. I am not expecting a flood of sandwich filler suggestions. Such is such a matter of personal choice and availability not to mention the meat eater v vegetarian argument there’s little point. It just that the question itself opens up the complications of trying to follow any strict diet. So one would really need to know it’s worth the effort. The only suggestion I would have wanted to add in to this if it was a current thread is the easiest way I found in the past in order to maintain strict adherence to a diet (in my case medical for another condition) was to really think outside the box. If sandwich fillers seem scarce try to move away from sandwiches altogether. Not always practical but certainly worth a try. Really good homemade thick soup and bread or plated home prepped salad often proves better than a poor substitute sandwich filling. But these diets can be hard to follow.