Migraine Diet

Hi there, I am new to this forum. But, I am not new to VM. I have dealt with this for about 3 years, the doctors thinks it started after I got Lyme a few years ago. Which is now gone. But the VM stayed. The first things my doctor had me try was the “Migraine Diet” which you are suppose to take out all of the food at once on the list for 2 months, then if you start to feel better, slowly introduce one food at a time back in your diet and see how it makes you feel. Foods like diary, nuts, onions, some beans, caffeine, alcohol, processed meats, and a few others. Since doing it i have noticed that dairy and nuts do impact me. Has this diet helped for anyone else? what are some trigger foods you’ve noticed? or what are any other lifestyle changes you made that have helped get rid of this?

*I am also on a medicine called nortriptyline which helps huge.

If you google the dizzycook she swears on the diet and I heard the diet helps a lot of people feel relief. I’m currently trying to cut out the major culprits like you said and also gluten. It’s hard to cut out the hidden chemicals but I’m trying to when I can.

Also finding the right medication helps a lot!!!

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Thank you! i will look her up! do you find that cutting out gluten works for you? I tried cutting out the entire summer and i still felt dizzy. my doctor says gluten is ok. but im willing to try anything. let me know thanks! @Lunapalm

Please see the Wiki article: Diet

Dizzycook is linked there.

I think something I’m doing is improving me right now. I’m currently in a crappy relapse so it’s chronic right now but when I started meds I basically could eat anything and unless it was really salty or a lot of caffeine, I was usually fine

Hi and welcome aboard our rocking boat. I appreciate you have only just docked but we have many 50+ in fact threads relating to migraine diets on here. If you use the Search facility (little magnifying glass) you will find them. They all contain many opinions and answers to your current questions. Before you start up any further new threads please check out the Search facility and see if you can recycle by adding to an existing one. Thx. Btw I understand the lady who writes the dizzycook website is a member of this forum too though as far as I am aware I have not spoken to her personally. Helen

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