Migraine Diet

Hi everyone

I’ve just recently started the migraine diet and after 3 weeks not noticing any differences in my symptoms. Do you think it is too early to expect any changes? I’m also taking 1.5mg Sandomigran a day and have been for the past 4 weeks but again, no difference.

I’m interested to know how long people think it would take for any positive changes to occur if some of the foods are potential triggers?



It took 1-2 months on the diet before I could identify most of my triggers. I don’t remember feeling any better during that time, but I definitely felt worse when I ate the wrong things.

Many things on the list aren’t triggers for me. For example, I can’t eat pure chocolate (the kind that melts) but cocoa doesn’t seem to bother me, nor does a chocolate milkshake. I waited two full months before reintroducing things into my diet so I could be sure what to avoid. MSG, chocolate, caffeine, and preservatives are my big ones.

Hope you feel better soon.

Thanks for your reply Elswyth, I probably just need to be more patient. Glad that you managed to work out your triggers… seems to be an extremely difficult thing to do for some people.


I’ve always found it very difficult to find my triggers because i don’t think i get an instant reaction and also hormones and weather etc seem to affect me too. With food the reactions can be days later too for me, especially caffeine, I don’t feel bad when i consume it, but the come down from it is awful! I think my biggies are: Caffeine and chocolate, nitrates, strong cheeses, nuts, citrus and preservatives/sweetners.

Good luck with the diet, I found that 95% of all packaged foods are a no-no, ‘flavouring’ and ‘natural flavour’ can contain MSG and that is in most things. :frowning: Cooking fresh really helps if you can.