Migraine Hurts Ouch

Usually get vertigo attack around this time; however, SURPRISE, this time got a huge Migraine. :evil: Third day of pretty bad pain – Ouch, Ouch, Ouch. Cannot go out – too ouchy-y.

Vowing to make appt with cardiologist to be okayed for medicine suggested by neurologist.
Haven’t even made the appt.
Hopefully will not put it off and will make appt. soon.

Third day of Migraine Pain. Was going on pretty well for a while.
Migraine makes me sooooooo tired and exhausted or did exhaustion cause Migraine? :!:

Sorry Raven, cant remember if you are guy or gal :slight_smile: If gal, is the connection to your monthly cycle? I always got a 3 day migraine beginning of cycle.

Just read about your vertigo attacks. I get the 5 to 8 hour long vertigo attacks too. That is the normal length of them for me, but after a trip abroad, I had one go on for 24 hrs and I was in Spain at the time, due to fly home the next day, not nice. Still have memories of the red check curtains flying round while I laid quite still, waving my arms around to keep the mozzies away :shock: By the way, this vertigo attack followed a bad migraine that had lasted all day, we had taken a two and half hr trip in hot sun and I didnt want to miss it, so fought through the migraine with painkillers.

My vertigo attacks (not all) would be before a bad migraine that went on for days, or sometimes after one. Stress played a big part for me and of course, hormones.


Hi Christine–
Thanks for sharing about your experiences.
The migraine I wrote about ended up lasting over a week this time.
Other people cannot believe a headache can last so long and some people say
they have had only three headaches in their life. Of course, I guess they have
some other kind of problem. Who doesn’t? :arrow: