Migraine management for Otolaryngologists

I just happened on this article, produced by Michael Teixido and intended for fellow professionals rather than patients. Clearly and simply written and full of information. Gives some insights into his reasoning behind his prescriptions. Includes a link to further information all very relevant to MAVers of thoughtful minds.


I especially liked:

“ Finally, I reassure patients that these medications are not forever . They may need them for a year, two or three both now and at future points in their lives. My rule is this: if any patient become asymptomatic for 6 months they should be asking the very reasonable question: ”I wonder if I still need this medication?”. We then attempt to taper every 2 weeks to see if symptoms increase. If not, keep going. Fifty percent of well controlled patients are successful getting off.

And relates to this discussion to some level: https://mvertigo.org/t/over-use-of-medication-long-term-may-be-hinder-your-recovery/19538 (Trust Level 2 members only) though he doesn’t go that far.


Yes. That should give a lot of people encouragement to try medication and hope to continue with it.

It’s a very informative text. Clear and concise. I particularly liked the trigger/threshold before and after diagrams. It was interesting to see how he seems to select preventatives by age and gender and to read his further observations about each of his chosen drugs.

I had just assumed it was just another brand of Topiramate but apparently

”Trokendi is a new 24 hour version of topiramate that reduces cognitive side effects to only 4%’.

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Thank you for this info!! :heart::heart:I just booked an appointment with an otolaryngology office. Everyone keeps referring to neurologists but I wasn’t sure what type of neurologist. I will start with this and see how it goes. I like this article!

Many prefer a neuro-otologist to a ‘plain’ neurologist. Otolaryngologist is an ENT consultant.

That is an amazing read. Thank you for sharing.

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Thank you for sharing!!

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I found it interesting to read Dr Teixido’s reasons for his career choice.

“He is actively pursuing his goals of advancing the study and understanding of problems involving hearing and balance as a result of hereditary hearing conditions in his own family.”

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” I encourage all patients to use diet and medication strategies to get well fast..”

I really like the way Dr Teixido writes.

This is the very best piece of advice I’ve ever read. And was never given.