Migraine medication PI sheets

Hi guys –

I was thinking I might start grabbing all of the prescribing information (PI) sheets from the MIMS database I have access to and create a new sticky. I’ll grab the most common drugs we seem to be always wondering about and start listing them in alphabetical order and by class. Doctors use these when assessing meds and looking for contraindications. While the PI sheets I have reflect what is available on the Australian market, they still give an excellent overview of the med that is applicable anywhere, what it’s used for, contraindications and dosing.

Think you guys would use this? It would save trawling through the web for drug info.

Kelley, it will become your favourite webpage on the planet! :lol:


I love that idea!

yes, my friends are all wondering why I don’t just go to pharmaceutical school and get it over with. My Mom berates me daily for being on the internet…can’t help myself…it’s too fascinating. Although it would be better if I had an objective view instead of subjective. (Did I get that right?? :slight_smile:

Wow, Kelley, I can’t remember too many days in the past 3 years when I WASN’T on the internet daily. There’s always something to read about with our condition much less the news…and, I subscribe to a zillion online newsletters. Pharmacy school…that would be so fascinating though the science courses would be killer…that’s the only reason I never went to med school myself.

The one course I never did in the science degree was pharmacology. Damn, I wish I had now. I think it can be downloaded through iTunes U though. You can download the lectures and listen away on your pod.

another great feature on the forum - thanks Scott

I agree - great idea.

I always wanted to be a pharmacist but i sure wouldn’t make a good one because I’d be asking everyone if they really wanted to try that - since i’m so sensitive!!!

i wish i could have gone to school for that though - but been sick for too long.


Though I think I’m stable on my drugs now that’s subject to change. Great idea Scott!