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Migraine or Concussion/whiplash?

Was riding as passenger in truck yesterday morning and driver ran over a curb on my side. Big bump and jostle but didn’t hit head. Now ive had migraine for 2 days. Ear and head pressure, back of head mainly and shoulder muscles sore. No nausea or dizziness or confusion really. Neuro doesn’t think concussion. Prob just triggered a nasty migraine, but im very anxious nonetheless. Hoping it lets up soon! Finding it very hard to ride with other people now. When driver breaks suddenly or swerves suddenly it can derail my whole day in an instant. No one gets it.

Kier, Please look into upper cervical chiropractors it sounds you could have something out of place causing your symptoms. Google what they deal with…good luck.

Maybe it was the stress of the accident that caused the migraine?

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