Migraine Relief Plan Cook book (need alternate book)


I am finding conflicting information in this book. For example they say it is okay to eat Tomatoes but I am finding that is a common trigger for MAV’ers… Can anyone recommend a different cook book I can use?

I’d very much doubt you are going to find one cookbook that matches your own particular dietary sensitivities… Almost all ‘advice’ relating to VM proves conflicting unfortunately. Most probably because VM is so individual. Although there are distinct criteria that define the condition the term is regularly used to cover many people who suffer any possible combination of a wide range of broadly similar symptoms. There is no definitive test available and to date nobody has any true idea of what causes the condition. Everyone is different. Probably why one person can eat tomatoes and the next cannot.

I’m not familiar with the book you mention but I understand many people appreciateThe DizzyCook website.