Migraine Returns -- Vision problems, too

Hello from Raven–

Two weeks ago had really bad migraine and vertigo attack. Recovered and did well for about 10 days. Happy.

Then, schedule picked up – as in spring it often does – attended a carnival for charity and stayed too long, I guess.
The crowds, stimulation, excitement. So, of course, downhill city again with migraine pain and signs of approaching vertigo.

Does anyone else have blurred, difficult vision before migraine and vertigo. ??? :expressionless:

This is one signal that heralds a migraine problem. The vision is really crummy.

No meds for migraine yet but health professional suggests TOPAMAX. I also read that verapamil may help.

It seems the migraine I get MAY be called BASILAR.

So far, cannot find a good health professional familiar with migraines.

Feel sorry for anyone else with this problem. UGH :o

Hi Raven,

I very rarely get vision problems with my migraines, but I have done, and I think it would be normal that the vision problems often come before the other signs.

If you are suffering on a frequent basis, it would be a good idea for you to try some medication. Personally I’ve found medication to be really useful in controlling my condition.

Good luck to you.

Raven – migraine causes my vision to blur all the time. It fluctuates daily at the moment. This morning when I got on the bus and tried to read the paper (which I can normally do holding it at arms length without glasses), it was all just a big smudge. :shock:

Sometimes I will have trouble focusing and will occasionally get a sort of tunnel vision when symptoms are ramping up.

I feel like I’m constantly looking through a goldfish bowl or through a heat haze…

[size=150]Thanks everyone for your feedback.
The blurry vision things is really awful. I’m going to try some medication soon and may go to Johns Hopkins for an appointment there. [/size]

Hi Raven,

My vision can be cloudy (hard to describe exactly) and hard to focus when I’m symptompatic/chronic, but more specifically I get visual aura (scintillating scotoma) as part of stand alone migraines. I’m not sure if you’re asking about either or both of these…?