Migraine summit 2018

It benefited me! Frederick Godley’s video on vertigo and Kathleen Digre’s video on vision explained a lot of my symptoms. So glad I heard about the Migraine Summit and had the time to watch it.

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I agree. Not a waste of my time.

Exactly the problem I have with this entire hypothetical dogma: superficial & platitudinous!

And on that very topic, Hain has an interesting piece on judging the quality of a journal using “SNIP scores”

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Platitudinous. There’s a word you don’t see every day, like plecostomus or platypus*. I love your high snark, James. It’s so refreshingly witty and smart. I like the way your mind works - and I mean that. You always get me thinking, generally with humor as a bonus.

*I have a favorite neighbor I think of as a platypus. She’s just so divinely bizarre.

Thank you Emily.

Haha, yeah, I also take pleasure in observing the quirks and the differences in the detail

Humour is very important, but I’m sure yours gets tried as much as mine does! :slight_smile:

I’d be very interested to read a synopsis of Kathleen Digre’s presentation on vision. I’ve read her on Photophobia and guess she must be pretty much The World Authority, or maybe even the only authority on it, there’s no little about it on the internet, other than people selling spectacles. Wondering if there’s any way …

FYI we all have the opportunity to make next year’s summit even better! They are now accepting votes for 2019 topics. Unfortunately a lot of people have added vestibular migraine as separate topics, which is good as it will get attention but bad for getting votes unless the website moderators condense the threads.

Please vote for vestibular migraine as a topic for a 2019 session! Also you can add your own topic idea. I added one about asking different doctors about their own “go to” preventative medications and the pros and cons of them.
Here’s the link if you don’t already get their e-mails.

@turnitaround I definitely want to read the article you posted on “SNIP scores” but have over done my computer usage for now. I will get to it soon!

@turnitaround Thanks for sharing that article. I have a biology degree and completed a research experiment and wrote my own thesis as an undergrad, so I am well aware of the quality of sources and how to tell what is good quality and what isn’t. However I didn’t realize that even some journals had writers being paid off and weren’t as trustworthy. I just thought if the journal said it was peer-reviewed that it’s good to go. Maybe that’s something that happens more in the medical world than the ecological world (my focus of study). Good information to know, thanks! Especially now since I don’t have access to journal databases other than the horrible selection the county library has, looking at the free access articles is tempting, but now I know maybe not the most trustworthy idea.

I too like your use of this word! I had to look it up, a synonym was hackneyed, which is a vocabulary word I do remember from studying for the SATs. But the word fits this situation very well.

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