Migraine summit 2018

this is online and this is free. And the topic list is very interesting and there is a section on vestibular migraine.

The schedule is here

As i was skimming through the FAQs i saw that there is a section on Vestibular migraine (Support - Migraine World Summit)

PS: James, I know you don’t subscribe to the Migraine Causality theory :slight_smile: but i think even if we can get one valuable nugget out of the many presentations which will help us, i will take it.


I listened to some of the sessions last year. Since most of us have extensively researched this condition a lot of it will be stuff we already know, but some of the knowledge the doctors had and some of the things presented were fascinating. I highly recommend signing up, it’s free if you can listen to them within the first 24 hours each day they air, and it’s well worth it. I also liked hearing how different experts have their “go to” medications and their rationales for it.


I tried to register in the pop-up box where you enter your email address and your first name. I tried twice and both times it just sat there with a bar across the top that said “50% complete.” This was in the Firefox browser.

I switched to Internet Explorer and it worked. I just received my “ticket” in my email Inbox.

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I just registered. Thanks for sharing!

This is the one on Vertigo as a migraine symptom. Link expires in 24 hours.

James, the doc says 40% of Migraineurs complained of water leaking sensation in ear !


I just finished watching this and it explains a lot of my symptoms. Fascinating!

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I just watched this and he did a good job of explaining how many ENTs are now having to learn a lot about neurology.

He also mentioned that many people go to the doctor because they think they have a sinus infection (because their symptoms are head pain and pressure, stuffed nose, and runny nose). He said that the “standard guidelines” when sinusitis is suspected are to treat with antibiotics. But he said that he purchased a “cone CT” machine for his office, which is some sort of less-expensive CT scanner, and he does a scan of the sinuses first. What he has found is that in most cases, the sinuses are clear and it’s not sinusitis at all but most likely migraine instead. Doing the scan first helps prevent prescribing antibiotics when they aren’t needed.


There are a couple of cool sessions today

Natural, Affordable and Free Treatments
The Most Popular Treatments Patients Use
Using Acupressure and Acupuncture for Headache and Migraine

That is my experience exactly! Cone CT, off to neurologist.

The interesting thing the doc mentioned was the antibiotics have anti-inflammatory properties which trick you into believing you have Sinus and you got better on them. When it was the migraines causing sinusitis (MARS- Migraine associated Rhino Sinusitis !)

Thanks Vigs! :sunglasses:

Water sensation leaking in the ear, eh? That’s funny-- I get that one.
Am I able to still watch the one that @Manatee watched today. Are they recorded and kept on file ??

I think it is only for 24 hrs, it’s late now…you can still enroll…they have some good sessions today…it is free

Just checked it out. Thanks. The opening page of Dr Frederick Godley sounds about right with stuff he spoke about.

I’m very curious to hear James’ take. @turnitaround

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Holy Cr&p!!!

Well then, I look forward to their explanation of this!!

The thing that frustrates me is they will say this, but then not follow up with some kind of probe that will analyse what this is physically.

Of course I believe this would show a mix of CSF, Perilymph (and possibly blood) in the middle ear and eustachian tube. But it’s just a belief based on my mental model of what is going on, but there has to be a reason and it’s not going to be some kind of hallucination, it sounds far too physical and real. We’ve even heard people mention it on here.

In my case I got this immediately post injury, six months before any aural impact and a whole year before my first migraine.

I’m not dissing migraine treatment … but I want to know the entire end to end chain of events that leads to full blown MAV!

No, but:

  1. It’s all the same sh1t whatever you call it, or however you believe it happens, it still happens
  2. Yes, golden nuggets please!

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You can’t listen to Dr. Frederick Godley’s whole presentation, but you can listen to an 11-minute excerpt here:

Sorry everyone, I gave such raving reviews for last year’s Migraine Summit. Last year was good, but this year was a disappointment in my eyes. I didn’t listen to all the sessions but most of the time the speakers over generalized, didn’t go into depth, and just said stuff that was common sense. I didn’t get anything out of it really. On the “medication” day they didn’t mention the preventatives at all. Last year there was an expert that gave his opinions on them and it was awesome. Or maybe I’ve just researched way too much on this condition so finding something new to learn is harder for me. I hope it benefited someone.

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