Migraine treatment -- Nick Silver 2013

From the recent Medicine and Me: Living with Migraine event held by The Royal Society of Medicine on 24 April 2013.

Dr Nicholas Silver’s presentation (he never compresses his files and so it’s just over 4 MB). Note the slide below again which shows a range of symptoms migraine produces. I am highlighting this because there are some here who are still in denial about it.

treatment_migraine_silver2013.pdf (4.7 MB)


Thanks for posting this - don’t know how you got hold of it! It’s an excellent ‘screen by screen’ overview of the event which covers so many questions about vestibular migraine. Definitely worth taking the time (it’s not actually that long) to look through this, especially the ‘newbies’ to our forum - it could answer a lot of questions for you!

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Great presentation :smiley:

I wanted to go to this but couldn’t make it

Might be worth making it a sticky

Brilliant! I agree with Robert about it being a sticky. Too good to get ‘lost’ in everything else. Thanks Scott.


Another excellent presentation by Dr Silver. I am one of his patients and find his knowledge and experience very reassuring.

Thanks for this Scott!

Thanks for posting this Scott. A fantastic presentation! :slight_smile:

This is excellent. It gives me hope knowing there are doctors out there, like Dr. Silver, who truly understand migraine. Thanks so very much Scott for posting this! 8)

What are TMS, VNS, Gepants? The presentation says they are coming soon

— Begin quote from "hillsta"

What are TMS, VNS, Gepants? The presentation says they are coming soon

— End quote

Don’t know about VNS and Gepants, but TMS is transcranial magnetic stimulation. Good research on this going on out at UCLA. It has been FDA approved for treatment of depression, and use for migraine and other ailments is being researched.

A Very Good find Scott… This will come in handy to send to work to help explain the condition a little more.

Thank you for posting this Scott. I find that Dr SIlver is so right about many things to do with migraine!

Hi Scott–
I’d love to see this .pdf re: Dr. Nicholas Silver, but can’t seem to access it. Would you kindly repost it?

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Allow me! Restored from ancient back-up :slight_smile:

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Thanks super much!

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Certainly concise and includes buts not found elsewhere on here. Always interesting to read information straight from the horse’s mouth as it were however I bumped it now because it gives a few more grains of hope for ultimate progress with research too. I only hit upon this thread from 2013 whilst searching ‘VNS’

Well they are all more or less here now. Must be progress surely.

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