Migraine variants – Curtis P. Schreiber, MD

Hi guys,

Here’s the second audio lecture titled, “Complicated migraine and migraine variants” – Curtis P. Schreiber, MD.

Scott 8)

so nice of you to get those lectures. I just listened to Schreiber’s. Unfortunately, he didn’t really mention chronic dizziness in migraine. I believe he spoke more about dizziness lasting one hour - I WISH!! Maybe I missed something, though, as my concentration is poor these days. I wished more neurologists were more aware of MAV. I feel like if there was more knowledge of what we had, there would be more research and much more hope of us getting better. Sorry, that’s my hopelessness talking.

Does this audio lecture talk about the Basilar Migraine? Sorry to ask an obvious question, but I can’t understand an audiotape. I would ask my husband to listen but he gets frustrated with any type of medical vocabulary.

Thanks for the information!


Hi Claudia,

Yes, he does talk about basilar migraine, saying that it is no longer called basilar, but basilar type migraine, because, whereas once there was a link between the blood vessels and migraine, they now dont think this.

He talks about hemiplegic migraine being one sided and basilar affecting both sides (I was diagnosed with basilar migraine years ago, my migraines were always in the back of the head).

He describes the different types of complicated migraine, but finishes off by saying they probably have the same underlying cause which is this depression that spreads across the brain, when it reaches the occipital lobe it causes visual symptoms, if it moves further forward you get tingling and numbness etc.

He also talks about the tryptans being contraindicated for these type of migraines but says they were when they felt the migraines were being caused by blood vessels which they dont think now, but he still thinks we should be cautious and not take them.

Unfortunately, it finished there, and I was waiting for his recommendations for which drugs to take. Nevertheless an interesting talk.


Bit disappointed that he mentioned transformed, or chronic migraine, but didnt go into the mechanisms that keep this going continuously. I understand the rebound effect from painkillers but gave these up completely on three occasions in the past and the daily dizzies etc. still persisted.


Thanks Christine!