Migraine vertigo

my name is mark i have suffered a migraine for the last 3 and a half years. i have tried all kinds of medications and now they say there is nothing more that they can do. i have a permanent migraine which is there 24 hours a day. over the last year and a bit ut has got worse and im now constantly dizzy. although at times it it gets worse and causes me to collapse. i have some new symptoms too, at some times during the day i get a paralysis of my hands and fingers i get pins and needles all over. i have had the feeling of palpitations too but my heart has been checked and that was fine. i have had numerous tests which all come back negative. with my migraine i get visual disturbances and am sensitive to light and sound. i have had balance tests but i threw up so they could not complete the test. i have had scans etc they are all normal. i can not look after my own children and have subsequently lost my job as im unfit to work. i can not go to restaurants or even shooping as this makes me worse. i have allergies which i am on permanent antihistamines. my doctor thought maybe this was the cause but i am unable to come off these tablets. i was assessed as being intolerant to barley, wheat, dairy products, and egg but even taking this out of my diet has had no effect. i am also being treated for severe depression as i cant see how my situation can improve. is there any help i can get

HI Mark,
First let me say I"m so sorry you are in such a place. I know how difficult it is when there are no answers, and seemingly no hope. I would start by saying that a tricyclic antidepressant seems to be something that is commonly prescribed for migraine prevention, as well as help with the anxiety and depression that can accompany you. Another option would be to try Effexor. THese all have been proven to help many of your current conditions. The sooner you can get a doctor to prescribe it, I think the better off you will be.
From there…it is a matter of trial and error. You can get better on your first try, or you may have to try another medication or even add another to help balance out what is happening in yoru brain. There is a wealth of information on this site. The book “Heal Your Headache” was helpful to me and many others on this site.
But dont suffer if you can help it…with any luck you can get to feeling better by Christmas. I don’t know where you live, but any internist can prescribe antidepressants…whether what you have is based in migraine (most likely) or anxiety, the meds are usually the same as those conditions share similar pathways in the brain. I personally had great response with Cymbalta, another antidepressant, which also helps headaches.
Glad you found us…you will have good support here.

Hey Mark,
I just re-read your post, and I think I replied too quickly. You said you are being treated for depression. Maybe you can give some more info on the meds you have tried? There are things in the body that can prevent the meds from working…for instance, you need B vitamins to metabolise serotonin. Have you had blood work up to check your vitamin and hormone levels? It would be helpful to know what meds you have tried to try and figure out what hasn’t been tried. Also, I think finding a doctor who won’t give up on you is important.
Sorry for my earlier post not really addressing what you asked…

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my name is mark i have suffered a migraine for the last 3 and a half years. i have tried all kinds of medications and now they say there is nothing more that they can do.

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Hi, Mark,

I don’t have migraine, but my 15-year-old son does. His migraine started on the last Wednesday of September this year, and it hasn’t gone away yet. But he’s got a good neurologist, and we’re working on it.

He’s also got other neurological glitches, which took a long time to get diagnosed and treated appropriately. The most important thing I think you can do is refuse to give up. If your doctor has given up, get another doctor.

Have you ever watched Star Trek? In one of the Star Trek movies, there’s a famous incident called the Kobayashi Maru. It’s a test where people who are being trained for a command position are put in a no-win situation. When Captain Kirk was given this test when he was at the academy, he failed it twice. The third time, he reprogrammed the computer so it was possible to win. His explanation later: I don’t believe in no-win scenarios.

I don’t believe in no-win scenarios, either. I don’t believe in hopeless cases. If Plan A doesn’t work, I believe there’s always a Plan B. And if Plan B doesn’t work, there’s a Plan C. If you can’t do anything else, reprogram the computer so you can. Change the rules. Modify reality.

Don’t give up. There’s a wealth of information in this community here. They’ll help you find things you haven’t tried yet. But you still need a doctor. Fire the one you have. Find one that’s willing to cheat on the Kobayashi Maru.


Welcome to the board Mark

I’m so sorry you are suffering so much. I’ve been sick off and on for 30 years without any diagnosis and still am not sure - it may be MaV though and it may be anxiety or both.

You said you were getting treated for depression - are you taking antidepressants? are they helping at all.

I’m supposed to start some pretty soon - just kinda scared. need to be off work in order to start them because of side effects.

I hope you find answers soon and start to feel better. Let’s try to think positive that we WILL get better :slight_smile:


Hi Mark
Welcome to this forum. Whatever part of everyone’s input you hear, please take in the part about not giving up. You’ve not even scratched the surface of treatments out there. I’m also rather allergic/intolerant to a few foods that come up on tests, but have discovered by trial and error that there’s a number of foods that actually trigger or perpetuate my dizziness migraine symptoms (one of them is coffee… not necessarily caffeine for me but definitely coffee). Get the book Heal Your Headache by Dr. David Buchholz… lots of good encouragement, information, etc. You will realize that 1) it is possible to have a perpetual migraine 2) it is possible to still be eating/drinking things that are greatly perpetuating your problem and 3) you need a doctor that REALLY knows what he/she is doing. There’s so many kinds of antidepressants and other meds. Please check the postings here… SCOTT - a little help: where’s the list of meds that someone posted a few days ago??? Anyway, please continue to post… these members really know what they’re talking about… you can get better really quickly just by gaining some information and being armed with it when you see another doctor. Are you seeing a neurologist?? That would be your very best bet. Where do you live??

Hey Mark,

Welcome. I’m so sorry to hear you’re in such a rotten place with this right now.

Can you give us an idea of the meds you have bee prescribed? Have you been able to zero in on any triggers at all?


Hi Mark,
I think every one has covered many of the important bases here already.
I’d just like to say, get rid of your current Dr/neurologist and find a new one, neurologist.
where do you live , as others here could tell you where you might find a better neruo.


i have had a great doctor and neurolgist i forget hoy many tablets i have tried. i have tried things like nortriptyline amitritpyline methysergide. I have tried beta blockers like propranolol. Lots of other anitidepressants. the one that im on is citalopram. i have tried various epileptic drugs as well to see if they could help. all together i would say i must have tried several hundred different tablets. The neurologist discharged me as he could offer me no further help. i have tried reflexology, acupuncture, meditation and other variuous complimentary therapies all of which have failed. i have tried the elimination diet where i cut out totally my food intolerances. My doctor wanted me to do this to come off my antihistamines which i have been taking since i was little. this didnt work. i am seeing a psychologist at the minute which isnt really helping and have now been told i am going to have to walk with a zimmer frame as i have no sense of balance.
i will look for that book and any other suggestions anyone can make will be gratefully received.

I’m so sorry - i’ve been through lots of meds and doctors through the past 30 years mine is mostly allergy triggers i’m pretty sure but am working on the food thing now.

Is the celexa helping you at all??? Just curious - i’m about to start it over the holidays - i’m at least hoping for some anxiety relief.


Mark, I’m sorry that you’ve really made the rounds on so many treatments. I still think starting fresh with another doctor wouldn’t hurt… fresh eyes with another opinion. I’ve got almost year around allergies and different antihistamines make me dizzy as well. I use a nasal antihistamine at night but take an oral one during the day. However, I’m not able to take the cortisone nasal sprays because they also ramp up my dizziness. Do you work with an allergist as well?? I think coordinating treatment is a good way to go. Also, with MAV a lot of people on this form use a combination of kinds of medications so it does take a skilled practitioner to do that. Has anyone suggested that you have a vestibular (inner ear) condition in addition to MAV since you were not able to pass the balance testing?? Though, the balance testing can be formidable. The VEDA website and also Facebook page is loaded with information and helpful people in addition to the great people on this forum.

thanks for all you suggestions the celexa has not helped me at all but mya othe people. i have had a specialist ent doctor examine me and he cant find anything wrong with my inner ear. in the uk we dont really have specialist allergists but i will try and find someone in that area so i can try a different approach. thanks again for your suggestions; you have given me a bit of hope when i had none left.

Hi Mark
Sorry to hear you are having such a hard time. You don’t say where you live in the UK but have a look at this link: bsaci.org/index.php?option=c … &Itemid=26.
Perhaps there is an allergy clinic near you.
Good luck.

Sorry the link should be
bsaci.org/index.php?option=c … &Itemid=26