Migrained diet - butter or olive oil for cooking?

I get ‘heal your headaches’ tomorrow, but just wanted to throw in a question. Is olive oil ok? Does it matter if I use olive oil or butter when I cook something?

Either one is fine but Olive oil is better for you overall so I would use that if you have a choice. I still put butter on my toast though… :smiley:

lol ok thanks. Olive oil is a good source for vitamin E, so ill use that


Some olive oils are a trigger for me now so I use Canola. S

I have not had any problems with Olive Oil and it is not on the list to be avoided but I guess everyone is different… :smiley:

For what it is worth my doc said to cut out butter and to use olive oil.
I cannot do toast without butter so I scrape it on thin and avoid it for cooking.
Good luck with the book and good luck getting better