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Migraines related to IBS and Food Intolerances?

Hi, I’m brand new here. I went to an ENT for the first time this week and she recommended me to this forum. I’d appreciate any insight related to my symptoms, or even just support, anyone has to offer.

I have pretty significant GI issues–SIBO, mainly, but it has caused leaky gut and intolerances to almost all food. It’s been going on for over 2 years, but only in the last few months have I started getting some form of vertigo as well. I feel pressure in my head (mostly behind my eyes and nose, but all over the top of my head as well, and the soft parts of the back of my head) and am extremely sensitive to motion. I have to close my eyes when I change head positions, and even looking at pages being flipped in a book, or scrolling on my phone, feels so uncomfortable. I also just feel “out of it” and can’t really do anything but close my eyes and lie down. Slight sensitivity to light, but not major. Some days I feel like I’m moving when I’m not–like I’m floating in an ocean–but not often. More often than not, it feels like my eye movements are a beat ahead of or behind my brain. It makes reading and thinking frustrating.

These symptoms come right after eating breakfast and last most of the day. I had a major breakthrough when I realized a vitamin I was taking had rice flour in it–rice is one of my most severe intolerances. Ditching it definitely improved things, but I still get these episodes. I’m pretty sure food is still related.

I never associated any of this as being a migraine, but they do run in my family. My sister has severe migraine headaches, and my grandma did as well when she was younger. Years ago, I would (very rarely) get ocular migraines where my vision would be almost entirely blacked out.

I’d really appreciate anyone’s thoughts regarding any of this!

Hello, I have had vestibular migraines, cervogenic headaches and cervical vertigo amoung other problems also related to a leaky gut and for me l-glutamine deficiency, at least I believe that and am taking care of myself, doctors don’t want to listen to it yet.

Anyways, more about you, yes it sounds like you do have migraines, but as you seem to realize, food sensitivites can arise from a leaky gut and in your case it sounds like the leaky gut came from SIBO. You say you have SIBO for 2 years? If this a a root cause for you, it really should be healed.

What are you and doctors or even functional medical practitioners doing to address SIBO?

If you look at the migraine diet, there are variants like HYH diet, routes they say avoid histamine and tyramines for a time and you should be able to reintroduce them, at least some of them and this works for some people. Others get stuck on it.

There are other causes for migrainuers others too.