Migravent? Has anyone tried this?


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Has anyone tried this?

I haven’t, but I know people who take the COQ10, magnesium and roboflavin

Hi Salem,

This product looks good – all of the ingredients have some science behind them and have been subjected to clinical trials where they appeared to give some positive results. While it’s nice to have it all packaged into one pill, I think you’ll find it’s probably much cheaper to buy the same ingredients separately from an online store like iherb.com.

Let us know if you purchase some of it and if you feel things improve. It looks like this one is only available in the US.

Scott :slight_smile:

A friend of mine who suffers from migraines told me about migravent. The previous posting is older, so I’m just wondering if anyone has tried it and found relief? My friend uses it and tells me it seems to help but she has the more “classic” migraine, not MAV.

Yes–I take it religiously. And I started taking it religiously before taking any prescription migraine meds.

It really could be just placebo, but I found that I had more good days after a month or two of taking the migravent 2x/day. It was one of the reasons why I decided to accept the migraine diagnosis–because this supplement that was proven (it is a REAL scientific study by the way) to lessen migraine activity seemed to actually have some effect on me over time and was the ONLY thing that did.

Trust me–it wasn’t a cure–but along with everything else I do, I won’t stop taking it.

Shared it with my Dr. (Migraine/MAV specialist in the states) he had never heard of it. He read over the research, looked over the website etc., and agreed that it had all the supplements that he normally prescribed separately to help relieve migraine symptoms. He has done some “more looking into it” and now recommends this “vitamin” to his patients as a “one three times a day and done” instead of 10 a day cocktail of supplements that help.

I had read the research and felt pretty confident, but with his endorsement (and his considerable interest for that matter) I figure it must be a decent product. Dr. T. (my guy) is not an off the cuff prescriber!!!

Awesome, thanks for your response. Do you find it helps with dizziness or just head pain (although wouldn’t less migraines=less dizziness, I’m so confused about this)?

My response to your question is a tough one…and again, let me be honest, the effects could TOTALLY BE PLACEBO.

I did not expect the vitamins to have any effect, totally figured they’d be a waste of money, so if it is placebo effect, it must be a strong one :o but it still could have nothing to do with the Migravent.

After about two months of taking the vitamins 2x/day (they recommend 3x but I take in a.m. and p.m. and never remember mid day, so gave up on that dose) I noticed at some point that I wasn’t miserable 24/7. I still had issues with fatigue, frequent (I get mild ones) headache and disequilibrium but it wasn’t constant and I realized there were actually a few days when I barely noticed it at all–and this was PRE migraine prescriptions. YOu know how you try tons of things and watch to see what might be the “change” factor? Well, having tried several different things and not noticed any difference–the only thing I could put a finger to was this multi-vitamin.

Like I said, it was one of the reasons I decided that the migraine diagnosis might not be totally “whack.” (Excuse the very old slang euphamism).

Now I am on Topomax 100mg/day, a dose I just got up to two weeks ago. They say it takes up to 2 months at that dosage to see a real difference. I swear that I’ve already had periods of time when I feel near 100%–then times when I feel like CRAP, like I’ll never drag out of this quagmire–but since I have not given the actual RX a full trial yet, and have already seen improvement I figure–good things to come!!!